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    Can you be a little more specific as to where this error is occurring in the process, if you could supply a screen shot of the error as well that would help too.


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    Darshan Patel

    See attachment .log See attachment error.png

    i have also attached the logs…

    and to be more specific, i am getting this error after step

    3) Create a MyEclipse PhoneGap Project
    6. Enter an application name and ID, and click Finish.

    mentioned on https://www.genuitec.com/products/myeclipse/learning-center/mobile/mobione-apps-myeclipse/

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    I have a different problem when import M1to ME, can you

    Buildfile: C:\EV-MOBI\LogonAppBuilder\LogonApp\script\importMobioneProjectContent.ant


    [echo] Synchronizing with MobiOne project content
    [echo] Properties:
    [echo] mobionePrjWWWContentDir=C:\EV-MOBI\2.Convert2ME\MyEclipse-BuildM1ProjectTutorialPack\LogonApp\www
    [echo] mobioneProjectHTMLStartupFile=C:\EV-MOBI\2.Convert2ME\MyEclipse-BuildM1ProjectTutorialPack\LogonApp\www
    [echo] myeclipseProjectDir=..
    [echo] myeclipseProjectWWWDir=../www

    C:\EV-MOBI\LogonAppBuilder\LogonApp\script\importMobioneProjectContent.ant:49: Replace: source file C:\EV-MOBI\2.Convert2ME\MyEclipse-BuildM1ProjectTutorialPack\LogonApp\www\C:\EV-MOBI\2.Convert2ME\MyEclipse-BuildM1ProjectTutorialPack\LogonApp\www doesn’t exist

    Total time: 370 milliseconds

    My test .ant configure is:
    <!– ***************************************************************** –>
    <!– MOBIONE developer – edit this property –>
    <!– Path to the mobione project’s www/xxx directory –>
    <!– example: value=”c:\mobioneProjects\date-time\www\” –>

    <property name=”mobionePrjWWWContentDir” value=”C:\EV-MOBI\2.Convert2ME\MyEclipse-BuildM1ProjectTutorialPack\date-time\www\date-time\” />

    <!– ***************************************************************** –>

    <property name=”mobioneProjectHTMLStartupFile” value=”date-time.html” />

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    @ darshanpatel

    We found a bug in the creation of 3.6.3 PG project. A workaround is to create it as a 3.5 and then change the runtime manually. See the below link for more details.



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    From the looks of it you are not using the full directory:

    should probably be:

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    Darshan Patel

    showing same error in 3.5.0 too

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    After all the works of import my M1 into ME and I need to check my system before any generation of .ipa or.apk, is there anyway to do just that?

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    @ darshanpatel

    I have not been able to replicate the error using 3.5, can you make sure your MyEclipse is up to date by checking for any updates.

    @ richardhau

    Im not sure what you mean by that statement.

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    Hi brandon,

    After I have migrated the Login App, do I need to generate .ipa or .apk files before preview or test, because it shows “Start page is not found in this Phonegap Application” error when I preview.

    Please help to solve this problem.

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    Darshan Patel

    my version is this

    MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench

    Version: 2015 CI
    Build id: 13.0.0-20141204

    do i have to make any changes in the template that i downloaded, before migrating?

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    @ darshanpatel

    The only changes you need to make in the template project is in the .ant script as mentioned in the tutorial.

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    @ darshanpatel

    For the phone gap project creation error, can you try running MyEclipse in Administrator mode and see if that helps.
    You can right click on the MyEclipse icon, elect Run as administrator


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    Darshan Patel


    thanks brandon 🙂

    can you guys please provide a list of do’s and don’ts and also differences between M1 and ME.

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    @ darshanpatel

    Great to hear! This is very machine specific, so won’t be needed for the most part. Since everything is different in ME as its different software I don’t really know if that would help.
    We are creating some new documents and tutorials for using ME that should help developers use ME by itself for those that want to, this is also the recommended way as it will allow users to use newer technologies, like Ionic framework and AngularJS, etc.

    Im not really sure what you mean by the dos and donts though, could you elaborate?

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    Darshan Patel

    i mean, like in M1 we can just drag and drop to create screens, but i dont find this option in ME… so i guess we have to write html code for it.. right??

    similarly other things… looking forward for the tutorials… ME looks good…

    btw its shows this warning message in problems tab

    Undefined attribute name (name)

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