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    Hoping somebody here can help me with this.

    I’m trying to install DevStyle on the Xilinx Vitis version of Eclipse CDT. I have a vision problem and the DevStyle themes are brilliant for letting me set the various IDE windows so that I can actually read them comfortably. So more of an accessibility tool for me than a nice one to have :-).

    I’ve no idea who at Xilinx decided that blue on a black background was the perfect dark combination for the build/debug/console output windows!

    For stability purposes (apparently), Vitis does not come with the Market Place Client installed and plugins are ‘officially not supported’. Some people have had success installing the MPC and through that DevStyle on Vitis but after various failed attempts I’ve given up on this and decided to bypass it.

    I’ve now tried several ways to directly install the DevStyle plugins however I keep bumping up against missing dependencies that presumably have been stripped from the Vitis installation. I’m not sure which additional packages I need to install to resolve these. For example:

    Missing requirement: REST Core (com.genuitec.eclipse.patches requires ‘java.package; org.objectweb.asm 5.0.1’ but it could not be found

    I’d really appreciate it if someone out there can suggest a linear set of instructions that I can follow just to get this one (amazing) plugin installed.


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    Thank you for trying DevStyle and loving it.
    It is not clear on what Eclipse version is Xilinx Vitis based on.
    Similar dependency issue is discussed here. Please add the Eclipse update site to the Available Update Sites as discussed in the above post and see it if helps fix the issue. Edit the update site based on the Eclipse version.

    If you are still seeing issues, then please share with us the link to download the Xilinx Vitis version that you are working with to help us replicate the issue at our end.

    Hope this helps. Do let us know how you get on with it.

    Genuitec Support

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    Just checking – were you able to install DevStyle successfully following our suggestion?

    Genuitec Support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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