[Installation] How do I perform a clean MyEclipse install?

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    Reasons for Performing a Clean/New MyEclipse Install

    • Your existing install is corrupted and you want to continue working, but with a clean install.
    • You are encountering strange behavior that others aren’t seeing with their installs.
    • There is no direct upgrade path between your current release (e.g. 2014) and the new release you want to try (e.g. 2015)

    There are other reasons to perform clean installs but these are the most frequent, especially with buggy behavior or corrupted installs. The steps below will guide you on how to perform the new install as easily as possible.

    Note #1: All your configuration information and project information is stored in your <workspace dir> not in your MyEclipse install. So installing a new version of MyEclipse won’t require you to reconfigure everything as long as you reopen your existing workspace.

    Note #2: Any plugins that were added after MyEclipse was installed, will need to be re-added after the new installation is done, but their preferences will be maintained in the workspace and carried across once the plugin has been reinstalled.

    It isn’t always necessary to remove any existing installation of MyEclipse but, if you wish to do so, or if a new install doesn’t fix the problem, either run the uninstall program that is installed with MyEclipse or remove the installation manually.

    The steps for performing a new clean install are as follows:

    1. Download the release of MyEclipse you wish to use.
    2. If you are replacing an existing installation of the release, and haven’t uninstalled that existing installation, you will need to either delete the .delivercenter.installs file from your home folder or remove the line in the file that refers to the release that you are replacing.
    3. After the download is done, install MyEclipse. Always make sure to install to a brand new, or empty, directory. Never install MyEclipse on top of an existing MyEclipse or Eclipse install, you may corrupt your installation (however, if the existing installation is the same release, you will be prompted to repair or upgrade the installation, rather than do a clean install).
    4. You are done. Go ahead and launch MyEclipse and select your existing workspace to open it and continue working.

    After you are done with the installation, if problems persist there are still 2 more things to try:

    1. Restart using -clean to clean your workspace’s state, as outlined here.
    2. If the above didn’t work, you may need to create a new workspace, as outlined here.
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