Tweaking/customising details in the current theme

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    Hi all,

    sorry if the question has already been asked, can’t find it in the forums.

    I’ve tried the Darkest Dark theme and I’m happy with it, except that in certain dialogs (eg, create new class) the cursor is black over a darkish background: very difficult to read, I’d like to change either the cursor or the background color (or even enable the theme selectively, leaving the default for the dialogs).

    Is that possible? I’d be fine even with editing CSS files or alike. Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you for trying Darkest Dark. Sorry that you are seeing this issue.

    Can you please share with us a screenshot to help us get a visual? Also share with us the OS and version details.

    Genuitec Support

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    Hi Swapna,

    thank you for your reply. Please have a look at the dialog in the attached image. The cursor is in the “Superclass” field, between ‘O’ and ‘b’ of the word Object. Can you see it? Neither do I 🙂

    This is Eclipse 4.7.3a (Updated ran two days ago), under Mac OS 10.13.4 (but I don’t think the OS is relevant).

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    Hello @zakmck,

    The color of the cursor comes from the OS itself and this is a known issue in Mac OS with dark themes. Yes, it’s possible to contribute styles to the Darkest Dark theme the same way you normally contribute styles to the eclipse Dark theme (I can give pointers/instructions if required). We will investigate if we could come with colors that look better on mac for the darkest dark theme.

    On the other hand you can always customize and choose between light and dark themes at the DevStyle > Color Themes preferences page.

    Aaron Lara

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