What can we expect to work in Angular Template .html files?

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    When using CodeMix, tab-completion, hovers and navigation are almost non-existent in Angular template .html files. I’m wondering if this is normal?
    I see many people (e.g. https://www.genuitec.com/forums/topic/html-validation-inactive/ ) are having (or had) issues so I’d like to know what is normal and what is not. I’m pretty sure some things *should* be working based on what https://www.genuitec.com/docs/web-apps/modern-web/working-angular-html-templates/ says.

    This is the status on my setup.
    * completion of HTML tags (<div>, <input>, etc)
    * completion for closing already open tags (e.g. I have a <kendo-tabstrip> open, then typing < offers to complete with </kendo-tabstrip>)
    * Angular “snippets”. I type ng and ctrl-space: it will offer to complete as *ngIf, *ngFor, etc
    * Information on hover for HTML tags (div, etc)

    Not working, but was working in Angular IDE:
    * completion/hover/navigation on angular component tags (for instance we’re using Kendo UI for Angular, but typing “<kend” and hitting ctrl-space offers no suggestions. ctrl-click does not navigate to the definition, and nothing (other than a brief “Loading..”) opens when I leave the mouse pointer over a fully typed angular component tag)
    * completion/hover/navigation of Angular input (like “[something]”) or output (like “(something)”) attributes.
    * completion/hover/navigation of fields/methods defined in the companion .ts file. For instance [title]=”tryingToCompleteSomethingHere”.

    Note that completion/hover/navigation IS working in .ts files. CodeMix is definitely enabled according to the status on the bottom-left of the Eclipse window.

    So, basically, before I start troubleshooting these, I’d like to know what I should expect to be working and what is a known limitation.


    (My post seems to have disappeared, possibly because my session expired or timed out, so I’m posting it again. Hopefully it won’t appear twice now)

    Aside: is there anyway you could reduce the invasiveness of the captcha? We need somewhere near twenty clicks to post a message, even when logged in. Could you maybe disable it for paying customers?

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    Aaron Lara

    Hallo! Tab completion as you describe in the “Not working” list should work. Can you confirm you see functionality like described here? If you don’t it’s likely there might be a misconfiguration or an issue.

    For faster and more detailed assistance I suggest you start a Live Chat with us by going to Help > CodeMix > Live Chat, that will allow us to use some debugging tools we have there.

    Aaron Lara

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    Thank you for your answer.

    Other than “Incorrect HTML structure and syntax”, nothing mentioned on that page works. Even “errors on @Component annotation” is missing (I tried putting an incorrect filename or removing ‘templateUrl’ completely and no error comes up).

    Before I open Live Chat could you clarify what kind of “debugging tools” you have access to? Can you read all files in my workspace? Can you access things *outside* the workspace? Can you take control of the IDE? Can you modify data? Will I see what you are doing? As the project I’m working on is confidential, I might have to get approval from my boss before giving you access, so I need to know what kind of access you have in the first place.

    I could also set up a minimal “toy” workspace for testing and debugging but the risk is of course that the toy workspace works, and the real one doesn’t, so that wouldn’t get us very far.


    Maxime Gamboni

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    (There was no CAPTCHA this time. Thanks a lot of changing this!)

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    Brian Fernandes


    First, on the Angular template issues:
    1) If you are using Angular 8.1 or higher, the extension may need an update, which we’re working on. You can install the updated extension yourself by downloading the VSIX file from here, and using the “Install VSIX” button in the Help > CodeMix Extensions page. After installing, restart Eclipse for a clean start and you should see the Angular Language Server extension version set to v0.801.1.

    2) While the template support is working in some of our test projects, we’ve found one where it appears to be broken. We’re investigating this now to see if any project-specific causes can be ascertained. It’s possible that the support is failing in your project for the same reason – as we have a local case, we do not need to have the live chat now.

    3) On your questions about Live Chat – our tool collects engine communication, extensions lists, workspace error logs and thread dumps, and requests must be accepted by you before data is sent to us. We can’t access files in your workspace, definitely not files outside (you may explicitly attach them to the chat). There is also no screensharing/control capability, again – you can attach screenshots. We can’t control the IDE other than telling the engine itself to reset if required.

    Hope this clarifies matters, and we will get back in touch as soon as we have something on the template support.

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    Hi @Brian Fernandes

    HTML Validation and Auto-Completion still doesn’t work with Angular 8 + CodeMix Release CI 2019.12.11 + Angular Language Service CodeMix Extension (VSIX)

    Requesting help.

    Best regards

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    Alright. It DOES work with the newest version of Angular Language Service (0.900.4) https://github.com/angular/vscode-ng-language-service/releases/

    Finally my HTML “IntelliSense” is back!

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    ? YES! That works for me too (I was on 0.800 something) ! ?

    I somehow expected that “Help > Check for Updates” would update everything, didn’t realise there were extensions we need to update manually. I take it there’s no auto-update mechanism for extensions yet, we need to download from the browser for that?

    I haven’t fully tested yet, but basic stuff works so I’m optimistic.

    Is there a way to mark a topic “SOLVED” in this forum?

    EDIT: I see Brian Fernandes had posted a link to the extension download page with instructions. I need to pay more attention…

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    Brian Fernandes

    Thank you for posting an update here, and we’re glad the functionality now works as expected. We do publish extension updates, but we’ve stayed away from some of the recent updates of this particular extension because they’ve been known to be buggy and caused issues with backward compatibility in our internal testing.

    We’ve successfully tested the 0.900.3 version of the extension and are moving on to testing the 0.900.4 version, which will hopefully check out fine, based on the success you’ve already had with it. Once we finish testing this version we’ll update the extension in our repository and you would have been updated to it automatically.

    As you continue to use this version, please let us know if you experience any issues with it. Thanks!

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