Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on Dec 22nd 2017

The long wait between the first stable release of the year and this one has definitely paid off: 2017 Stable 2.0 sums up the work done in the last six CI releases! Thus, you can fully enjoy this holiday season, knowing that when you jump back into your work, you can rely on Angular 5 and TypeScript 2.5 support, enjoy an improved Eclipse experience with DevStyle, and so much more! Here is a summary of what this release includes, but for more details, take a look at our MyEclipse Delivery Log.

Angular & TypeScript

This release supports Angular 5, and the very latest CLIs as well. Whatever version you choose,  however, you will continue to get the entire range of our Angular support, from content assist and validation, to being able to serve and debug applications with ease.

More good news on this front: there is support for TSLint 5 – including  severity levels on linting rules – as well as inline refactoring for TypeScript variables, fields, methods and functions. The improved usability is yet another reason to love this release: the Angular perspective is a lot less busy now, and the Open Type functionality is here too.




In case you haven’t yet tried out DevStyle yet, there are many reasons to do so. Not only can you choose your ideal dark or light theme (down to that very particular hue of your liking), but also the icon color set which determines the looks of toolbars too. More than 750 replacement icons are also available thanks to our contributors. In addition, now you can enjoy the very capable Inline Search to make your coding experience much more efficient.



As part of this release, MyEclipse includes a connector for WebSphere Portal Server 9, TomEE 7 and Glassfish 5. You can now manage these servers from within MyEclipse, along with the usual deployment and debug support, of course.



We’ve fixed the crashes that some users on macOS High Sierra recently encountered, as well as added a fix for the disabled top level application menu. The Terminal+ view now works with whatever shell you have locally installed and its command history is back!

And More!

To top it all off, there is a wide range of miscellaneous core fixes, starting with an updated version of Eclipse Buildship (at 2.1.2 now) and ending with the mending of an IllegalArgumentException thrown during the initialization of some Spring projects – yes, plenty of core fixes in there for a much more reliable experience. Again, do refer to our delivery log to see the complete list.

We hope that all of these improvements present in our 2017 Stable 2.0 release will make your developer’s life even more of a breeze, as we are getting ready to step into the new year. We assure you that 2018 will bring many more wonderful features and fixes, as we continue to work hard on making your coding experience a joy.