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Posted on May 18th 2020
Now in MyEclipse 2020.5.18 – Java 14 support, new versions of popular frameworks like Spring and Hibernate, and an upgrade to a new base version of Eclipse amongst a slew of other fixes and improvements.

Framework Updates

Wizards for Hibernate, JPA and Spring now include newer versions of these frameworks to help you get started. We’ve added Hibernate 5.4, JPA 2.2 (via EclipseLink 2.7 and Hibernate 5.4) and Spring 5.2. Something to note is that these library versions will only be visible in Maven projects, where the wizards will add the corresponding dependencies to your project’s pom.

New Dashboard

Immediately visible in this new version of MyEclipse is our refreshed and simplified Dashboard. We’ve removed pages that were not being used and the dashboard is now a single, focused tab, with a searchable list of wizards, documentation and our collection of examples.


In addition to Spring 5.2 mentioned earlier, with this release, we’ve updated our integration of Spring Tool Suite from 3.9.7 to 3.9.12. These updates bring some enhancements to Spring Boot support, like the ability to inspect live environment values from a running Spring Boot application, and enhancements to the Beans tab allowing you to introspect bean relationships at runtime. You can find these enhancements in the Properties view for a running application.


We realize some of you may want to work with the STS 4 stream of tools. While previous versions of MyEclipse would prevent the installation of STS 4, it can now be installed into MyEclipse without conflicts. We’re continuing to monitor the STS 4 line of tooling for integration into MyEclipse.

Eclipse 2020-03

We’ve updated the base Eclipse build to 2020-03, along with associated projects in the Eclipse release train like DALI and the Web Tools Project. The biggest capability that this update brings is Java 14 support, but there are dozens of other noteworthy improvements as well.

Here are a few highlights:

  • If you’ve never used the “Quick Access” functionality before – it’s never too late to give it a try, there is now a dedicated button on the toolbar for it, and you’ll find it’s a much faster way of doing a number of things from opening perspectives and views to launching debug sessions.
  • Some resource types can be renamed inline in all explorer views.
  • You can choose to stop at an exception breakpoint only the first time.
  • Expressions view and conditional breakpoints now allow you to use Lambda expressions and method references.
  • Content assist now supports subword patterns, making it much easier to find the completion you need.
  • Several new quick fixes have been added to the Java editor, like the ability to surround a selection with a try-with-resources block. There is a corresponding “Surround With” context menu item as well.

Key Fixes & Enhancements

  • We now have a connector for Wildfly 19.
  • In some circumstances a configuration change would cause the workspace selection prompt to stop appearing. This has been fixed.
  • Libraries specified on the Classpath tab of a WebSphere launch configuration are now correctly added to the server’s classpath when it is launched.
  • While deployed reports worked fine, the in-product report preview was broken in the last version of MyEclipse. We’ve fixed this so you can now preview reports before deployment.
  • For those using our Slack code sharing capability, we’ve fixed the authorization flow and this functionality should now be operational again.
  • Importing WSDL files into Spring Boot applications will no longer cause the IDE to hang.
  • When using our DevStyle dark themes (Darkest Dark and others), some tree controls across the product would fail to render correctly – you can now see all the branches!
  • With all our dark themes, we also fixed a resource leak that could result in a “No More Handles” situation on Windows. If you had this theme enabled, and found MyEclipse mysteriously crashing after a day or two of uptime, this is the fix you are looking for.

Exciting News for Teams

 And finally, if you are looking for a good pair programming tool to use with MyEclipse, be sure to check out CodeTogether. We are currently offering it for free to help teams working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and the feedback has been incredible. When things return to normal, we’ll continue to offer a free plan. If CodeTogether interests you, download it here

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to us via our forums or Twitter

Note: If you manually installed CodeMix into MyEclipse, the update might not apply correctly. Refer to this post for a solution.