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Posted on Oct 23rd 2015

Webclipse 2015 CI 5 & MyEclipse 2015 CI 16

Hello developers!
Thanks to your feedback and our hard working team’s continuous focus on making your coding experience more peaceful and joyful, we bring you Webclipse CI 5 and MyEclipse CI 16. We know you’ll be excited about the cool new integrations, check this out!

slack-32  Slack Integration

Webclipse now integrates with Slack.  Simply register a Slack token and then you are ready to send and receive code snippets. You can even view shared code directly in Eclipse without needing to access Slack to view the code.

gerrit-logo  Gerrit Automation

If you use Gerrit for code review and repository management for Git, you’ll be excited to see the process streamlined with our Gerrit Tools. Now, it’s a breeze to instantly fetch changes and switch between multiple feature and stable branches.

Now just for MyEclipse we also bring you…

js  JavaScript Enhancements

We’ve integrated the latest version of Tern Java with this release, bringing a number of enhancements to our JavaScript capabilities. Support for existing JavaScript frameworks has been improved, with support for new frameworks added.

Check the delivery log for miscellaneous key fixes and other details in the MyEclipse 2015/Webclipse 2015 CI stream. 

Download now…you can thank us later!