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Version 2024.1.0

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Angular Wizards

Use Angular Wizards to easily create a new project with your desired version of Angular, or create Angular constructs like components, services and modules. Our wizards use the Angular CLI, ensuring all resources created are up to spec.

Want to work with an existing project? Go right ahead and import it into your workspace for complete IDE support.

TypeScript Coding

TypeScript 4.x Coding

Advanced editing support for TypeScript 4.x augments your development simply and effectively.

  • Auto-completion of code across your project
  • Real-time validation and display of errors as you type code
  • Syntax-aware source coloring and occurrence highlighting
  • Block and full-file formatting with advanced settings
  • Support based on tsconfig.json

HTML Template Intelligence

Angular development goes beyond TypeScript with HTML template development critical to any application. MyEclipse provides rich HTML template validation to keep coding moving.

  • Validation inside custom Angular attributes
  • Detection of misdefined Angular element tags
  • Auto-complete for HTML elements
  • Auto-complete for TypeScript expressions in templates

Take a moment to learn more about enhancements to your HTML coding with angular support in the MyEclipse IDE.

HTML Template
CLI Integration

Launch and Debug Support

Use the Servers view to serve your Angular application with ease. The advanced terminal ensures you have the right Node environment configured, no matter what OS you’re on.

Set breakpoints in TypeScript or even HTML templates, and initiate a Chrome debugging session with the click of a button.

CodeLive for Angular

CodeLive makes it simple to see which Angular components are being loaded on a web page, and quickly jump to the source code for the component. View the list of components loaded on a page, or use the magic wand to locate components by simply hovering over them in the browser. You can then jump to the corresponding TypeScript code, HTML template, or CSS style, as desired.

HTML Template

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