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Eclipse Code Sharing for Slack

With our Eclipse Code Sharing for Slack integration it’s easy to share and discuss code snippets from you IDE with your team. View shared code in Slack or open the snippet directly in Eclipse for added convenience. Our most popular Free feature!



Quickly search commonly used developer resources (Local Eclipse Help, StackOverflow, and GitHub) without leaving Eclipse.

Breadcrumb Navigation

See the crumb trail that led to the current file in the Source Editor, and quickly navigate to other resources in your project.

Minimap for Eclipse

From a condensed view of a file, quickly jump to a specific section. A real time-saver when working with lengthy source code.

Project Explorer+

Speed up your coding with rapid navigation of files in your workspace, including quick searching for text.


The editor includes syntax coloring, default formatting and syntax validation for RAML/YAML files.

Professional-Grade Features

With our free plan, enjoy unlimited access to these features for any 8 days each month or upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited access.

Angular IDE

Angular IDE

Our Angular IDE by Webclipse is built specifically for Angular. Content assist and validation for TypeScript 2 and HTML templates speed development and let you code with confidence. A simple wizard and intelligent Terminal let you bypass the normally tedious setup process and provide repeatable, reliable configurations across multiple projects and teams. Our Angular CLI integration encourages best practices, allowing you to seamlessly move between the IDE and command line for a simplified, yet powerful workflow.

Learn how to simplify web development with our Angular IDE

JSjet for JavaScript and TypeScript

JSjet brings modern JavaScript and TypeScript to Eclipse, including support for ES6. It’s simple to visualize and format your code, quickly code with content assist, view call and type hierarchies, and so much more! Plus, you can feel confident in the quality of your code with instant code validation, source refactoring and an integrated debugger that delivers the power and familiarity of the Eclipse Java debugger. 

Learn how to improve web development with JSjet

Debugging JavaScript


CodeLive lets you easily view source code from the browser. A dashboard allows you to see the files used to load the page. With a simple click of the mouse you can open the file and even jump to the source code from a specific element on the page. With Live Preview, changes are instantly reflected in the browser without the need for browser plugins or a debug session! Test changes in multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge simultaneously—you can even test mobile devices with an emulator.

Learn how to instantly view web code changes with Live Preview


A first-rate terminal provides seamless transitions between CLIs and the IDE. The ability to select the project within the terminal lets you view only the command history you want to see. Using multiple versions of tools across different projects? No problem. An enhanced terminal ensures paths and environment are ready for rapid development. Plus, you get seamless launching of ng serve from the IDE and the ability to display server build problems alongside the code.

Learn more about Terminal+ and CLIs in the IDE


Bonus Add-Ons

These awesome extras are available at Personal or Commercial paid levels and are our way of saying thanks for supporting the growth of Webclipse!

Forums Badge

Bling your posts in the forums with a Pro Developer badge—Pro Developer posts receive special highlighting to really make them stand out!

Webclipse Insider

Influence the direction of Webclipse by participation in early feedback cycles and be the first to view new features and pre-release software!

Webclipse #Slack Channel

Access an exclusive Webclipse Slack group for power users to share tips and tricks with the community, and even chat with us when our developers swing by to say Hi!!

Pro Features

Unlimited access with a paid plan
Any 8 days/month with the free plan

  • Angular IDE
  • JSjet for JavaScript/TypeScript
  • CodeLive with Live Preview
  • Terminal+

Becoming a Webclipse Pro!

Points accumulate as professional features are used, you can earn extra rewards as levels are reached.

Users on our Free plan earn a forum badge when 1,000 pro points are accumulated!


  • Slack Integration
  • Minimap
  • Project Explorer+
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • DevSearch
  • RAML/YAML Editor