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MyEclipse 2023

Jakarta EE 10

From the new Core profile to improvements in CDI and EL, there’s a lot that this major release of the specification brings to the table.

Updated wizards make it simple to create projects for a multitude of project types like EJB, EAR, Web and Web Fragment.

Updated server connectors make it a breeze to deploy and serve your project. Updated server connectors include:

  • GlassFish 7.x
  • Payara 6.2023.x
  • JBoss EAP 8.x
  • Tomcat 10.1.x
  • Open Liberty 23.0.0.x
  • WildFly 27+ (compatible with WildFly 28)

Spring 6 & Spring Boot 3

Whether you’re working on the very latest versions of Spring, like Spring Framework 6 or Spring Boot 3, or on legacy applications that use Spring 2, our updated tooling will give you a superlative Spring development experience.

Live information from your running application can be displayed right in your editor as code lens annotations and on hover.

There’s guidance on new versions you can update to, and refactoring to execute the upgrade.

You’ll also get advanced symbol search and navigation, a new editor for the Spring boot properties file, and much more!


Modern Web Technologies

Develop a dynamic front end using the latest technologies in MyEclipse 2023.

Support for Angular 16 includes updated wizards and language servers to support the latest capabilities of this framework.

Enjoy exceptional support for Vue 3 with the recommended Volar extension. You will have a better experience when developing Vue applications with TypeScript, and get support for Vue 3-specific features like the composition API, fragments, and the teleport tag.

Updated language servers provide significantly improved support for XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, YAML, and others. There are improvements in syntax coloring, validation, content assist, formatting and even debugging for TypeScript.


Language support for Java 20 in MyEclipse 2023 allows you to take advantage of virtual threads, structured concurrency, pattern matching for various constructs, the vector API, and more! Beyond IntelliSense and validation, these constructs are further supported by corresponding refactoring and clean-up actions.

MyEclipse 2022 introduced the ability to label specific Object instances in the Variable view. In MyEclipse 2023 we broaden this feature, allowing you to label specific Object instances in the Expressions view as well, even for watched and inspected objects.

The Favorites list will propose static members from this list even if the import is missing. Add members to the Favorites list by using Ctrl/Cmd + 1 on a static import in the Java editor.



Key Technologies—One IDE

MyEclipse is a feature rich IDE, perfect for full-stack development.

Java EE & Jakarta EE


Application Servers

WebSphere, Portal Server, Open Liberty, Apache Tomcat, tc Server, TomEE, JBoss, Wildfly, Glassfish, Jetty, WebLogic, Payara, Geronimo


Spring Boot, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Annotator, CRUD Scaffolding & DSL, Bootstrapping

Modern Web

JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, Vue, React, Webpack, Node.js, Bootstrap, jQuery


JPA, EclipseLink, OpenJPA, Hibernate


Docker, OpenShift, Quarkus

But Wait, There’s More!

MyEclipse 2023 is built on Eclipse 2023-03, making it compatible with the latest versions of any additional plugins you install. The IDE will start faster than ever!


The pom.xml editor now provides content assist suggestions for Maven dependencies and plugins, making it much easier to manage these without a wizard.

In the new project wizard, you can now validate archetype parameters with regular expressions. Archetypes can also use Groovy scripts for processing of input parameters. And, you can now explicitly specify the JRE in launch configurations.

For large projects, you get improved build performance and reduced memory consumption.



MyEclipse 2023 supports Qute templates, with advanced content assist and validation when editing Qute files. Integration between Java and Qute ensures you get support for method parameters, @TemplateExtension methods, and value resolvers.

An updated Quarkus project wizard allows you to easily sort through a categorized list of hundreds of extensions.

Qute Validation

More Cool Stuff!

  • The console includes colored output when doing Maven builds, running applications, etc.
  • New shortcuts allow for efficient multi-selection editing in text editors.
  • New action in the Git staging view to compare staged and unstaged files.
  • New jobs are now added at the bottom of the progress view for a predictable experience.
  • Inline debug values show when debugging languages like Node.
Inline Debug

Whether you’re using Hibernate as a JPA provider or standalone, the wizards in MyEclipse 2023 allow you to create and develop against Hibernate 6, the latest version of this OG persistence framework.

The new odo 3.x Application Explorer view makes it easy to deal with every stage of your component’s lifecycle, from creation and building on a cluster, to the synchronization of changes and debugging of the application. Not just for development, the explorer can also be used to manage staging and production deployments.


MyEclipse 2023

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