Nataliya Muriy
Marketing Content Creator - you name it, she'll write it!
Posted on Aug 28th 2017

Perhaps you’re already a fan of the delicious combo offered by our Secure Delivery Center (SDC) — you get the right software to your teams and manage a variety of actions (licenses, software updates, rollouts and standardization).  With our new version of SDC, we are bringing even more yummy features to the table!

What is included in our 2017 SR2 release? There are two major improvements: importing from the Eclipse Marketplace and checking for updates to third-party libraries. Plus, we throw in some extra ingredients as well!

If you’ve ever had trouble locating the URL you need when trying to import third-party software, your futile quest is now over — with this edition of SDC, a third-party library can be imported directly from the Eclipse Marketplace. Looking for such software is no harder than perusing your local pizza restaurant’s menu: Just look it up by name, or filter it by categories. There’s an added benefit of doing this — you can get some of the branding of the Marketplace entry right in your Admin Console.

Working with third-party library updates is now kind of like getting that newsletter or coupon special in your e-mail — it happens automatically.  Of course, should you be annoyed by this, you can always disable this function, either for a specific library, or for all of them in general. You also have the ability to configure a proxy for the library update check.

A few more nifty features are part of our special delivery to you, as mentioned on our Delivery Log:

  • Improved server startup time
  • Portal loads faster, no external resources referenced
  • Better handling of an Eclipse base upgrade during an in-product update
  • On a “Get Pack” failure, we now offer a manual download
  • Group admins can now edit packages using the portal
  • When not using the legacy portal, older package URIs will now be correctly redirected to the new portal

We hope you will take advantage of our ever-expanding menu of tasty options, software delivery and management has never been so easy! Best of all, this update, just like all of our other products — Angular IDE, MyEclipse, and CodeMix — is absolutely free if you already have a valid subscription.