Posted on Jul 7th 2015


Last week we cheerfully joined the release of Eclipse 4.5. Eclipse Mars was without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases by many, us included. Well, we are happy to announce SDC has now come on board. We realize how important this release can be for a programmer, and we understand being a new release and all may come with its own set of complications. We don't want your whole team to go through that, which is why SDC 2015 SR2 now brings Mars to you as simple as possible. Upgrade to SDC 2015 SR2 , install the pack using the Get Packs feature in your Admin Console, and drop it like it's hot to your whole team. If you still don't have it, get it here! 

Now let's talk about the new Mac OS X application format. Thanks to Eclipse development team, Eclipse & Eclipse RCP applications look as native as possible to an OS X application, and we can happily say SDC now fully supports this new format.
Please read our Mac OS X & Eclipse Mars technical note for more details on Eclipse versions coverage.

Without taking off Eclipse Mars from its deserved spotlight, SDC 215 SR2 also comes with a large list of bug fixes. 

  • Added support to manage the JetBrains disabled plugins list
  • Reduced server startup load
  • Improved user administration on Linux
  • Better detection of outgoing changes to policies
  • Removed installer’s antiquated swap space check
  • JetBrain’s packages have better default versions
  • Reduced memory overhead of the metrics compactor
  • Improved target platform update consistency
  • Better handling of update sites which return HTTP 301 redirection codes

That's it for today! Let us know how did your team's trip to Mars go. @Genuitec_SDC