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Nataliya Muriy
Marketing Content Creator - you name it, she'll write it!

Good news – our new release is out the door! For Angular IDE and Webclipse, we give you access to a brand new Eclipse experience with our DevStyle Preview. MyEclipse includes some key bug fixes in the Spring / Maven project area, and a new version of the Eclipse Buildship toolset, for improved Gradle support. Across these products, we’ve now added support for TypeScript 2.4, and dozens of fixes in the Angular and TypeScript space.

Our DevStyle Preview includes a new startup experience, new themes and a couple of power-ups. No need to be dealing with the same old “Choose your Workspace” dialog – now you can start a new project with more ease, go back to working on a previous one, or open one of your multiple workspaces.


Nor do you need to be bogged down with a modal search dialog either – we have included a very capable inline search. You will also love another gem, the breadcrumb toolbar, which allows for easy navigation between groups of related resources. Those who have given their hearts to our Darkest Dark theme will now be able to choose from a variety of dark and light themes. Yes, you heard that right, light themes, too! Check our video at the bottom.

No matter which of our IDEs you use, you will enjoy an improved Angular and TypeScript experience. First, we now fully support TS 2.4! The integrated version of TSLint 5 also got updated to version 5.6.0. Additionally, if you rename or move an HTML or CSS file associated with an Angular component, references to such files will be updated too.

For MyEclipse users, CI 8 includes a range of fixes. For instance, we’ve updated our Eclipse Buildship version to 2.1.2 so that you can get better support for building software with Gradle. We’ve also fixed some bothersome issues when importing Spring and Maven projects.

These are the rubies and emeralds of our 2017 CI 8 collection that we are bringing to you, so dive into a completely new coding experience that now includes a lot of color!

For further details, consult our MyEclipse delivery log, and the delivery log for Darkest Dark, Angular IDE and Webclipse.

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Posted on Sep 19th 2017