Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on Nov 30th 2017

Malls across many countries are not the only places getting decked up for the holidays – we are getting into a pre-holiday mood ourselves with our latest release. Many improvements are included in our 2017 CI 9 release, both for our MyEclipse users, and for those who prefer Webclipse or Angular IDE. We are happy to announce that we now support Angular 5 and TypeScript 2.5 across our products, and MyEclipse boasts a few new server connectors. Last but not least, DevStyle is out of preview, and it’s going to dramatically improve your Eclipse experience!

Angular and TypeScript


Since Angular 5 has already made its appearance, we’ve updated our Angular tooling, so that you can take full advantage of it whenever you choose. The best way to get started with Angular 5 is to create a project with the 1.5.0 version of the Angular CLI. Continue enjoying updated content assist and validation, as well as being able to serve and debug applications with ease.

Switching over to Angular 5 doesn’t necessarily imply the use of TypeScript 2.5, but if you decide to make this switch too, you can count on our support. TypeScript 2.5 brings with it a few new quick fixes, and a compiler that will aid you with better handling of multiple resolutions of the same file.


Irrespective of the TypeScript version, a long awaited feature – validation for the tsconfig.json file – has also been added. See our Webclipse or MyEclipse Delivery Logs for more details.




A totally new look for your IDE is also a reality now thanks to DevStyle, which is now out of preview! For those of you who might have already become a fan of our Darkest Dark theme, now the sky of colors, both dark and light, is the limit! However, DevStyle is much more than a variety of themes: it also comes equipped with a totally new enhanced startup experience, as well as two awesome tools – Inline Search and Breadcrumb Navigation.


Tired of seeing the same old “Choose your Workspace” dialog when you fire up Eclipse? Or having a hard time finding the files or a workspace you were working on recently? Use the enhanced startup experience (currently available in Webclipse and Angular IDE) to easily start new projects, jump back into the action in old ones or easily open one of your many workspaces.

Find the modal search dialog cumbersome? We’ve replaced this with a very capable inline search – we’re sure you’ll find it far more efficient, unintrusive, and it won’t interrupt your workflow. The inline search also has a super cool “selected lines” mode that makes it even more powerful.


Use our breadcrumb toolbar to easily navigate between groups of related resources – this is perfect for exploring a large new project, or working with one of your own. View the “crumb trail” that led to the current file and then click any segment in the trail to explore and navigate.


Server Connectors

If you are a full-stack kind of guy or gal, then we have good news for you too – MyEclipse now includes new server connectors for TomEE 7 and Glassfish 5.

Bug Fixes

At Genuitec we continuously strive to make your coder life much more pleasant, and this release is no exception. We are thrilled to bring many more improvements across our product range to further meet your frontend and backend development needs, and a whole range of bug fixes will not ruin your pre-holiday mood.

For instance, our theming got a makeover with some core and rendering fixes in the light and dark themes. In addition, there are literally dozens of fixes in the Angular and TypeScript space, especially in the validation area. To see all of the fixes, please consult our Delivery Log for Darkest Dark, Angular IDE and Webclipse and our MyEclipse CI Stream Delivery Log. Happy coding!