Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on Oct 3rd 2017

Is there a little code snippet that is just driving you crazy? Or would you like a detailed collaborative session even before you dive in? There are different ways of sharing your code to get another developer to get involved. Read on for more!

Simply Share with Slack

So how can you share your code? One easy way is to use Slack, your good ol’ teamwork app. You might already be using it on a daily basis to communicate with your team, but if you’re copying and pasting from Eclipse into Slack, you evidently haven’t heard of our Code Sharing for Slack Integration solution, which allows you to share and discuss code snippets easily. You can view them right there in Slack, or open them from within your IDE. You also get to decide how many pairs of eyes are allowed: share your code in an individual or a group private message, or even put it in a specific channel for all to view. Click on the code sharing link above to see how this works. Slack integration is available in MyEclipse, CodeMix, and Angular IDE.