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Posted on Oct 31st 2019
We have addressed a couple of key issues that came up with the 2019.10.29 release, we recommend you to update CodeMix to the 2019.10.31 version. You can do it right inside Eclipse going to Help > Check for updates.

Key Fixes

Two key regressions were detected in the 2019.10.29 release. The first is related to working with extension-less files like Dockerfile which could cause the editor to break. The second is related to workspaces taking advantage of the Remote System Explorer (RSE) plug-in for Eclipse which could cause all editing to break depending on order of projects in the workspace. Both of these issues have been addressed in the 2019.10.29 release.

Experimental Remote System Explorer Support

As part of fixing the issues with RSE, we have opted to include experimental support for remote filesystems. Using RSE, you can now use the function “Create Remote Project” to add an SSH folder on a remote server as a project in the local workspace and use CodeMix to edit those files. Functionality in Live Preview will still automatically sync down dependent resources to allow live preview while editing the source. Certain content assist functionality when coding will not be available as the full source dependencies won’t be available for validation.
Working with Remote SSH Connection

Thanks for the Feedback

We greatly appreciate the help our users have been in quickly reporting the two regessions above and have added additional flows to our automation to ensure that we don’t have those regressions again. Say Hi on Live Chat if you haven’t yet!