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Posted on Feb 26th 2020
In this release we’ve introduced Control Panels for all CodeMix supported file types, significantly improved Angular support, including support for Angular 9 and updated the built-in Chromium browser for an even better Live Preview experience.

Control Panels & the Editor Toolbar

If you’re an Angular developer, you’re probably familiar with our handy Angular Control Panel. We’ve worked hard to expand this tech, and Control Panels are now available for all CodeMix supported file types. The panels are accessible from the in-editor toolbar, and they provide quick access to key functionality, from running/debugging and validation, to formatting and editor control.

If there are commands you use frequently, you can star them in the customization dialog to have them appear right on the editor toolbar.

If there are more commands you’d like to see elevated to the panel, please let us know!

Angular 9

Angular 9 is here and if you want to upgrade or start a new project, CodeMix won’t hold you back.


  • When creating a new project, you can use a handy combo to choose between Sass, Less, Stylus, etc., instead of plain old CSS.
  • Content assist and parsing within attributes and interpolations has been improved, so you will get better suggestions and correctly highlighted code.
  • The Angular language service backing this tooling has been overhauled, bringing with it significant performance improvements to these features.
  • Inline templates and styles will now be correctly highlighted, content assist will work as well.

In addition to supporting this version there are several core improvements that you’re sure to appreciate:
  • An oft requested feature, “Go to definition” is now supported for templateUrls and styleUrls, which means hyperlink navigation works too. Press Ctrl/Cmd and hover over the resource to navigate to it.

Live Preview

We’ve updated the built-in Chromium browser used by our Live Preview tech to a more recent version. This gives you the freedom to use the Live Preview pane to test applications that rely on more modern browser tech. The browser can now also handle authentication callbacks, so you should have no issues testing applications that make use of this.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Here are some of the key fixes made across the product in this version:
  • The internal Code OSS engine has been updated to version 1.40.1 from 1.33.1, so most extensions which had a higher engine version requirement should now be compatible with this release.
  • Several extensions have been updated, bringing with them fixes and enhancements. Notable among these are the Go, PHP IntelliSense, Debugger for Chrome and Python extensions.
  • We’ve added the PHP CS Fixer extension to the PHP pack, which will allow you to check your code against PHP coding standards, as well as support formatting for PHP out of the box.
  • TypeScript 3.6.3 support has been introduced along with a series of core changes to the TypeScript language server, bringing performance improvements to both TypeScript and JavaScript support, even for very large projects.
  • Occasionally, if an editor had the Live Preview pane enabled, it could steal focus and prevent you from being able to type. This annoyance has now been quashed.
  • When an Angular app is served from the terminal, a “port in use” message would sometimes be erroneously seen. This has been fixed.
  • The Terminal+ view would fail to open if the workspace had references to missing views, a situation that could arise if you uninstalled plugins in that Eclipse instance. Terminal+ will now open when commanded, dangling views or not.
  • In rare circumstances, editors would display an indefinite “Preparing” state when opened. This situation is now detected and we’ll allow you to easily reload the engine to keep working.
  • Finally, with this release of CodeMix, we’ve dropped support for 32-bit Eclipse on Linux. Please consider upgrading to a 64-bit Eclipse installation.

If you have comments or feedback on this release, or CodeMix in general, do reach out to us on Live Chat, Twitter or our forums – we’re always listening.