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Posted on Nov 26th 2018

Who doesn’t want a faster IDE? To help you enjoy more of the holiday season, this release brings with it some key performance fixes, and a quicker way to get support via Live Chat. More below …

Performance Fixes

By registering projects with CodeMix only when actually required, we’ve reduced the startup load on the CodeMix engine, as well as improved the overall efficiency at which the IDE operates, by consuming fewer resources. Typically, you can continue working with CodeMix as you normally would, as our intelligence behind the scenes will automatically register projects when necessary to give you an optimal experience.

Caveat: If you have not interacted with a project in the current session, it may not be registered with the CodeMix engine. In such cases, symbols from the project will be absent from the workspace-wide symbol list (accessible with `Ctrl/Cmd + P + @`). Similarly, if another project you are working with references symbols in this project, they may not be presented in the content assist suggestions. This is typically a concern only when you are working with a number of interdependent projects.

In such cases, you can either interact with the project to have the engine register it, or you can force the registration of a project with the engine, by checking the “Always register project at CodeMix startup” checkbox on the Project Properties > CodeMix page.


We’ve made it easier to get started with popular project types – you will see this list of wizards presented when you start a new workspace, but can also get back to this dialog using Help > CodeMix > Welcome to CodeMix.

You will notice a number of popups around the IDE, helping you understand some of our more advanced features, as well as presenting tips and tricks that help with everyday CodeMix use. Click the CodeMix icon in the status bar to take a look at tips you may have missed, or to read them all!

Extension Manager

The extension manager has been redesigned to make it easier to find new extensions, and manage those already installed. We’ve removed the Extension Browser, so our extension packs can be installed from within the Manager itself, by clicking on the corresponding pack icon.

To make it easy to find new extensions, please click the “Explore Popular Extensions” button and/or use the filter above it. If your extension isn’t listed here, you can still install it using a local VSIX file, through the “Install from VSIX file…” link.

Live Chat

You’ve always dreamed of chatting live with a Genuitec employee, right? Some of you have already been living this dream, through our Slack insiders group – which you are still welcome to join. However, if you would rather contact us through the IDE, our new Live Chat feature makes this possible. Go to Help > CodeMix > Live Chat, to initiate a live chat session with our support staff and engineers.


Bug Fixes

As is the norm now, this release includes a number of fixes to problems reported by our customers, and found through internal testing.

  • If you don’t like it, it’s gone! Extensions can now be reliably uninstalled on Windows.
  • If an extension registers language support, but is then uninstalled/disabled, editors provided by the extension will be deregistered. They will no longer be used, nor presented in the UI.
  • CodeMix editors can now load files from History/Repository views.
  • Buttons on some notification popups were not clickable – they now react and do things!
  • Some commands bring up additional lists for further selection – you can now type to filter within these lists instead of having to use the mouse to make further selections.
  • If you were having issues with permissions for the CodeMix engine and Node/NPM/Bash binaries, please see Preferences > CodeMix > Storage to change the location at which these resources are stored on your file system.
  • Creation of new Terminal sessions in Terminal+ was blocked while the “Verifying projects” job was running – this has now been fixed.

With Thanksgiving just behind us, we’d like to say we’re thankful to you, our awesome users, for your continued support – from helping us find and fix important issues, to submitting great feedback. Today, CodeMix is one of the top 10 downloads on the Eclipse marketplace, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to reaching greater heights, together! Thank you!