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    First off, amazing job getting this integrated into eclipse. I had actually been talking with other engineers through out the year about the best way to solve eclipse’s issues and competitive problems with other IDE’s was to just throw Visual Studio code in as a primary editor (wasn’t aware of codemix being a piece that Visual Studio code themselves had used). Brilliant job everyone.

    Some suggestions:
    1) Let me control the order in which plugins act upon the editor and source code (will also help identify which plugin causes a specific problem). If no control, at least let me see who acts upon the editor at what time so I can deduce what is causing a problem by turning plugins on/off.
    2) Give me a way to re-load codemix so it re-reads configurations.
    3) Remove beautify (all code formatters) from the provided “packages”. Many of us use esformatter or another formatter instead. Maybe even support the existing eclipse javascript formatter in eclipse.
    4) Editor config support? I can’t tell if it works or not – but if not, would like to have support for this as well. I’ve tried with with/out the VS code plugin for editor config – doesn’t seem to do anything?

    I’ll most likely have some more overtime.

    Just to contribute what I have found so far that works for me (javascript/html development alongside of java) in terms of plugins:

    Auto Close Tag
    eslint (has bugs, but can tolerate it) v1.6.0
    HTMLHint v.5.0
    IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML v.1.17.1

    Tried to use the esformatter plugin (v1.6.0), but because the cursor focus jumps around on the page when formatting on save it was very annoying to use (but otherwise worked very well). Turned off for now. I’m currently just using the default formatter, beautify does a poor job formatting the code in the standard we use (very little control over it as well).

    In the future I will be using react plugins, node, npm etc, but have these disabled for now.

    Anyway – my two cents. Thanks again for this eclipse plugin!

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    Thank you for your compliments for CodeMix. The dev team is looking into your suggestions right now.
    They will get back to you soon.

    Genuitec Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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