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    Hello, I’m having problems with CodeMix validation.

    Before, a bunch of error markers were showing up with incorrect line numbers, so I restarted the IDE.

    Now, all the error markers are missing from the markers list, but red underlines still appear in random places in my code.

    Appreciate your advice!

    This is an Angular project with auto build/validation enabled (though, I’ve tried manually running each as well)

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    Brian Fernandes

    Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with the validation.

    While not necessary, if you could send us a screenshot of your entire workbench, that will help us better understand exactly what you’re seeing.

    I have a few additional questions that might help us figure out what is going wrong.

    1) Just to be sure, what editor are you using? You can right click the file in the package explorer and choose Open With – does this show the TypeScript :: CodeMix? Does re-opening the editor, or restarting the IDE help? Any change on saving the file?

    2) Are you using build pipelines? What settings do you have under Project properties > CodeMix > Validation and Build – can you send a screenshot of this page?
    Here is our documentation on build pipelines and validation that might help: https://www.genuitec.com/docs/assembly/build-pipelines

    3) Do you have a tasks.json file in the .vscode folder in your project? Note that this folder may be hidden by default. If you do have this file, can you share the contents here?

    4) Please share your workspace error log with us, you can find it at [workspace_location]/.metadata/.log

    5) What version of CodeMix is this – you can confirm at Preferences > CodeMix


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    Just checking if you were able to resolve the issue with CodeMix validation.
    If you are still seeing the issue, then please respond with answers to the questions Brian asked in his previous response to help us investigate further.

    Genuitec Support

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    Sorry for the delay, but I was expecting an email notification when I got a forum reply, but for some reason I’m not receiving any even though I’m ‘subscribed’?.?

    As for the validation problem, I was able to resolve the issue by deleting all the settings folders (.vscode, .*, …) and re-opening the project.

    CodeMix still just doesn’t work well, though. Hasn’t been the same since the 3.0 release.

    For example, right-clicking on a method and choosing ‘go to definition’ only occasionally works. And the CI 2019.3.13 release has been popping up all day today, but when I click update it updates but then prompts again to offer the update whenever I restart the app.

    As for the workspace error log, here’s the old one: [attached]

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    Brian Fernandes


    You should receive an email when subscribed, I just did for this thread. Any chance the notification found its way into your spam folder?

    Immediately addressing the update notification, we did have an update go out which caused a spurious notification. We released an additional update with the fix, to get rid of this, please use Help > Check for Updates and apply the update – sorry about the annoyance.

    We’ve generally heard good reports on CodeMix 3, and you should be seeing better behavior not worse. We’d be grateful if you could give us details on what is going wrong so we could ensure fixes make it to CodeMix soon.

    As far as the “Go to definition” failure, we’re talking about jumping from one TypeScript file to another? At the times when it does not work, can you press Ctrl and hover over the method – do you see the underline? Are both the files involved in your project source or are some in your node_modules?

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused, hope we’ll be able to get things back on track ASAP.

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