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Anabella Watson
Marketing & Social media lead. Loves tacos.

Genuitec is working hard on making it easier for you, Java developer, to become an awesome full stack developer. Now that I hopefully got your attention, let me tell you more about our plans on how we are going to achieve this goal.

  1. We had a vision. A vision to make it easier for Java developers to use cool modern web technologies.
  2. We started building products that help with said goal (e.g., JSjet). In this CI 6 release of JSjet we started with the introduction of TypeScript and DevSearch.
  3. Our upcoming CI 7 will get further into more of these awesome technologies…CI 8, CI 9, etc. You get the gist!
  4. You are now a pretty cool full stack developer. Congratulations, my little grasshopper.

TypeScript: Why is TypeScript a huge deal for us (and hopefully for you!)?

The fact that JSjet now supports TypeScript is pretty exciting to all of us JavaScript lovers. Why? Well, beside the aforementioned goals, development and debugging can prove to be difficult when types are missing in JavaScript. TypeScript, however is intended to make it easier to write and maintain sophisticated JavaScript apps by filling the gaps by providing the safeguard of a statically typed language, while harnessing all the greatness that is JavaScript.

Now, we wanted to save you some time in figuring out certain ways to work with TypeScript. So, we have prepared a series of steps and pretty screenshots for your reference HERE. Here you can find how to enable TypeScript support, add TypeScript support from project configuration, create a new TypeScript file, and more! (way more…)

DevSearch is another cool feature included in JSjet. Look at it in action!

dev search

Excited but still don’t have MyEclipse or Webclipse?

Download them here!

Download MyEclipse HERE

Download Webclipse HERE

Stay tuned for our Part 2!

If you missed our newsletter on Stable with a Side of CI 5. You can read it here. (It was a good one. I should know that because I wrote it).

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And for our Pokemon Go fans….

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Posted on Sep 9th 2016