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Modern Web Development

Modern Web Development Simplified

Modern Technologies

We offer the best technologies for creating complex front ends. If you are using cutting edge technologies like Angular and TypeScript, you’ll be impressed with how easy we make it. Maybe you use JavaScript, jQuery or Ionic—we’ve got those too, and more!

Coding Timesavers

Add efficiency to your web development! From auto-complete, validation and an advanced debugger for JavaScript and TypeScript to Angular wizards that make it simple to create projects, services and components, our many timesavers are sure to impress.

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We know different developers have different needs, so we offer a number of products that can help you easily create a modern front end. And all are free to try! 

Front-End Development

With our impressive support for Angular and Typescript, it’s easy to create dynamic web front ends using the latest tools. We incorporate command line interfaces (CLIs) for Angular, npm and Node, so you can benefit from both the ease of an intuitive interface and the flexibility of the command line. Our built-in Angular Server makes it simple to test your web app. We also include awesome support for other popular technologies like JavaScript, jQuery and Ionic. 

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Modern Web Development - Angular IDE
Modern Web Development - JSjet


With JSjet, you can create modern TypeScript and JavaScript code from within your IDE. Speed up coding with intelligent content assist. Visualize code better with improved syntax highlighting, call and type hierarchies, and occurrence highlighting. Code with confidence knowing JSjet gives you instant code validation, linters, source refactoring and an integrated debugger that delivers the power and familiarity of the Java debugger.


CodeLive connects your IDE to the browser, speeding up your web development by making it easy to navigate between the page and the source code. With the CodeLive Dashboard, it’s simple to see which files or Angular components are being loaded on a page and quickly jump from the page to the editor. You can even use the Inspector to jump directly from an element on the page to the corresponding line of code in the editor.  

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Modern Web Development - CodeLive
Modern Web Development - JavaScript modules

Module Management

With so many technologies available for today’s modern web developer, it’s nice to get a little help. Improve JavaScript coding with the ability to select specific Tern plugins per project for module-specific code assist. And if you use TypeScript, our node module management automatically installs npm for you and gives module-aware content assist to speed the development process.
Back-End Development for Enterprise Web Apps

Get a modern front end created with the latest technologies and a powerful back end all from a single Full Stack IDE—MyEclipse. 

Java EE

We make Java EE coding simple with built-in libraries and wizards. For database development, we offer connectors for dozens of databases and an embedded Derby database. And if you use web services, we support REST (JAX-RS) and SOAP (JAX-WS). Test your app using our integrating Tomcat server or connect to one of the many other servers we support. Learn more

Spring Tools

Get your Spring framework projects, Bean development, and Spring scaffolding started with a variety of visual Spring editors and wizards. Generate a basic, working Spring framework application with Spring scaffolding. Use the Spring Annotator for Spring controllers, Spring services, components, and repositories. Learn more


Manage projects and builds from inside your Java IDE. Standard project structures, simplified POM editing and launch commands built into MyEclipse menus keep Maven project management at your fingertips. Learn more