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Nataliya Muriy
Marketing Content Creator - you name it, she'll write it!

Hopefully at this point you are no longer lost in Angular migration — you’ve either installed the lastest version of Angular or have upgraded to it.  But what if you still have an app that you’d been working on with Angular 2, for instance?  No worries!  It’s a breeze getting it up to speed!

An Angular 2 project can be updated to Angular 4 with just two clicks if you have our Angular IDE installed!  This is how it is done:

  1. As soon as you import a project (to do so, go to File-Import, and then click on the arrow next to Angular on the list displayed), Angular IDE detects it was made with version 2 and enables the “Update to Angular 4” button. Once you click it, a window appears explaining all the steps that will be done for you automatically during the update process.
  2. Now click Finish to kick off the update process, which includes:
    * updating Angular dependencies in .json package
    * installing the updated dependencies
    * adjusting the TSLint rules and the Angular CLI .json file
    * updating the deprecated code to the new syntax

When the update is finished, the IDE will show you the update process reference.

As you can see, having the Angular IDE makes life much easier.  Installing it also is a piece of cake.  Once you click on the Download button and run the .exe file, the installation wizard opens to walk you through all the necessary steps.  If you don’t like to complicate your coding life, then you are ready for the amazing Angular 4 experience.  Just go to the direct link in the first paragraph or visit the Products section on our site.

The world of frontend development just got much better!  Why go through a maze of steps if all it can take is just two clicks to get you working in the latest version of Angular?  To actually see how this works, check out this video.  Happy coding indeed!

Angular is also part of our CodeMix plugin and our MyEclipse IDE.

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Posted on May 19th 2017