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Nataliya Muriy
Marketing Content Creator - you name it, she'll write it!

We are getting more and more in the holiday mood! Need proof? Our 2017 CI 10 is out the door, bringing you the best present right before the holidays – a release focused on critical fixes across our products. And if you happened to experience a critical crash on macOS High Sierra, it won’t happen again as you step into the new year!

So what have we included in this release? For Angular and TypeScript, there are fixes for content assist, validation and even quick-fixes (yes, fixes for quick-fixes) for a much more reliable and robust coding experience.

Automatic Import

DevStyle has also been improved, thanks to your valuable feedback! We’ve made several usability fixes in our Inline Search; it should now be even better at staying out of your way when not needed. We’ve also begun adding a few Photon-specific fixes for our themes, so if you were waiting to jump onto this version – wait no longer.


If you were experiencing mysterious crashes on macOS High Sierra, for users of MyEclipse and the standalone Angular IDE, simply update to this version for the fix. If you are using the plugin versions of Webclipse or Angular IDE, please see this post for further details.

As we are about to step into the new year, we assure you that the hard work on bringing you the best experience with our Angular IDE, Webclipse, MyEclipse and DevStyle will continue being our top priority! Please read our delivery logs for further details.

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Posted on Dec 22nd 2017