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Brian Fernandes
Director of Customer Engagement - Loves technology and almost everything related to computing. Wants to help you write better software. Follow at @brianfernandes.
Posted on Sep 19th 2019

CodeMix 3.5 is here, and it’s packed with updates across the board to deliver a significantly improved and up-to-date coding experience. There’s a new Go pack, improved Angular and Vue development support, and as always, dozens of fixes and enhancements, including support for the latest Eclipse 2019-09 release.

Time to Go!

With the new Go pack, we’re making it easy for you to get started with Go programming. We’ve got a wizard to get you started, first-class support for editing Go files – IntelliSense, validation, navigation, formatting, and even refactoring. For your Go project, there’s build, test and debug support, so you really are … wait for it … ready to Go! Alright, no more Go puns, we’re out.


This release includes several performance fixes in the Angular tooling, and additional flexibility with tsconfig.json files – non-strict files can now be parsed as well. We’ve also added support for the latest 8.3.x versions of Angular.


In Vue land, we’ve got dozens of bug fixes and enhancements, like the ability to show hover information for v-for, support for prettier-tslint in TS regions in .vue files, and `.prettierrc` will now be respected for prettyhtml formatting. If you’re interested in more details, please see this document – we’ve upgraded to Vetur 0.22.3, from version 0.21.1.

Better Dark, Better Colors

With Eclipse 2019-09, Eclipse will default your workbench to a dark theme if your OS theme is dark too. We’ve updated CodeMix to look better with the vanilla Eclipse dark theme. To go truly dark though, just use Darkest Dark instead.
Eclipse Dark
Darkest Dark

We’ve also improved colors for the Python editor, more detail will be obvious in your source files, and will closely match PyDev colors if you have that installed.

 Technology Packs

Extension packs are now managed via Eclipse’s update mechanism, making the extension install and update process more robust. If you install a particular flavor of CodeMix from the Marketplace, like Vue.js :: CodeMix, no further downloads of extensions will be required post install. This also makes it much easier to get your full dev env set up in offline environments as we’re making archived update sites available with everything you need.

Windows Defender

The latest versions of Windows Defender can significantly slow down the startup of your IDE due to excessive and repeated scanning of your Eclipse installation, workspace folders, git directories, etc. CodeMix will now detect this condition and will warn you about it. The best bit is that it gives you the option to automatically update your Windows Defender exclusion list, so you don’t have to mess around with making these changes manually. For more information, please read this article.

Key Fixes

With the last update, a few users experienced issues with CodeMix starting on Windows if the Eclipse instance or workspace was on a deeply nested path. Yes, it’s the year 2019, but by default, Windows still has a relatively low max path length. The good news is that this release of CodeMix will work with much deeper/longer paths than our last update.

Text in the Terminal+ looked like a hot mess in certain situations, like when watching your project for changes with `ng watch` for instance. We’ve fixed the wrapping issues so you now get much cleaner output in the terminal, and we’re continuing to make improvements in this area.

A very rare occurrence, a bug would mysteriously cause focus to be switched between different editor tabs at high frequency, without user action – with this release, we no longer need a seizure warning.

We’ve also fixed several niggles in the IDE:

  • Better late than never – you can forget your account username, and use your email address to login in product and update your license.
  • Watch tasks will now work even if your workspace has a space in the path.
  • If the CodeMix engine disconnects for some reason, it will recover automatically, without causing the IDE to freeze.
  • If using our Build Pipeline support, error markers sometimes stayed put even after you fixed your code, as a remembrance of your foolishness. They now disappear immediately when you correct your mistakes.
  • The toggle breakpoint action would sometimes fail with an NPE, this has been addressed.
  • If you used the command palette to run tasks (kudos for being a power user, BTW), a bug would prevent you from being able to select the result of the task. This has been fixed.
  • We found parameter hints to be quite useful, but they interfered with navigation through content assist proposal lists – the latter now get keyboard priority.

More Diagnostics for Live Chat

A number of you have used Live Chat to report issues you’re facing with the IDE, or ask a few quick questions. This is typically the fastest way to get support, and we’re happy to report that most issues are resolved within a single chat session with our support and engineering teams.

With this release we’ve added additional diagnostic tools to Live Chat that will help us quickly understand the state of your IDE and environment. These tools have already proven to  be invaluable when analyzing issues in the IDE, including performance problems, as it can give us live snapshots of your environment, something not possible via forum or email. Do continue to reach out to us on Live Chat, these interactions have helped improve CodeMix immensely.

We hope this release brings you much joy. If it does not, please reach out to us on Live Chat, Twitter or our forums, and let us know – we’ll fix it. Try CodeMix today!