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Posted on Apr 3rd 2018

Today, we’ve shipped to the the Eclipse community our technical preview of CodeMix. What is CodeMix, how do you install it, what makes it so cool? Read on for the details.

What is CodeMix?

CodeMix is a technology that allows developers to take advantage of the wide array of tooling, language, and framework support that is available with Visual Studio Code and with a plethora of extensions built on Code OSS … in Eclipse! 

With the enterprise pedigree of Eclipse, the smarts that Visual Studio Code is bringing to the modern web space, and literally thousands of plug-ins and extensions between the two ecosystems, a developer’s capabilities in Eclipse are now virtually limitless. Work in a singular hybrid environment, where you have superb Java, Spring, and Maven support, along with the capability to develop applications with React, Angular, Vue, Python, etc.

How did we come up with this fantastic idea? Take a look at our blog, or this interview with SuperbCrew to learn more.

Already use Genuitec software? Check these FAQs!

How Do I Get It?

Check our download page for details. You can install CodeMix either from our marketplace entry, or from the update site.

What Makes CodeMix Cool?

For a more detailed walkthrough of features that CodeMix provides, consider looking through our feature page, or better still, the getting started documentation. We’ll just cover a few of the highlights here:


Awesome editors are the core of what CodeMix provides – they come with all bells and whistles like advanced IntelliSense, detailed snippets, cool code preview tech, navigation and validation with quick fixes.

Quick Open and the Command Palette

Want to quickly jump to files, or symbols, or perhaps just refactor your code or get a build running? The palette is your friend – it includes Eclipse commands too.


Debug pretty much anything from React to Python using our debugger tech. For additional details on debugging, please see this document.


Extensions add a whole range of functionality to your CodeMix installation – support for new languages, productivity enhancements, advanced validation, debuggers, etc. For more, please see this document. With our extension packs and support for Code OSS-compatible extensions, your development possibilities are endless.

For more on what CodeMix can do, please visit our Learning Center or check our technology specific pages for PHP, Python and Vue.js.


CodeMix will be updated every week, and with our evergreen model, your CodeMix installation will be automatically updated when a new build is released.

The following features are on our immediate roadmap, and will be available soon:

  • Build Tasks
  • CodeLens
  • Split / Multi Editor Support

Would you like to be more involved with CodeMix? To provide suggestions or feedback, or see updates before the general public, do join our CodeMix Insiders program, on Slack or Facebook. You can also stay up to date on our progress by vising our CodeMix Journey page.


CodeMix is free to try for 45 days! Plans are available to purchase before the free trial expires – for more details, see our pricing page.

If you’re already a Genuitec customer, you can use your Webclipse, Angular IDE or MyEclipse Pro (or higher) paid license with CodeMix. Do see our FAQ for existing customers, for additional details on the relationship between these products and CodeMix.