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Genuitec to Sponsor EclipseCon, Showcasing New Secure Eclipse Delivery Technology

Posted on Mar 22nd 2012

As most of our customers know we're a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, so of course we're sponsoring EclipseCon 2012 - along with some other companies you may know, like  IBM, Google, HP, SAP, Microsoft and others.

EclipseCon will be held in Reston, Virginia, from March 26-29 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Register at:
This year we're showcasing our newest technology for Open Source management, Secure Delivery Center (SDC). Think of it as the Eclipse Marketplace inside your company, behind the firewall. Is that something companies demand? You better believe it. In fact, Genuitec had orders for SDC before it was even a completed project. But why? There was such a vocal demand in the open source community for management tools that several big brands asked Genuitec to create SDC so they could best manage and deliver Eclipse and its packages inside their company firewall. They needed their development teams locked-down and standardized on the right tools and version number for each software project. This matters because enough times during the lifecycle of a project(s) companies are seeing their "builds broken" and their software over-budget and late to market because of poor tools management. So SDC was born to tackle these expensive problems (SDC is not expensive, by the way). In short, SDC is ready out-of-the box and we're showing it off at this year's premier Eclipse event, EclipseCon. Here are some features to give you an idea of what SDC can do for you:
  • Manage tools behind the enterprise firewall in a “private cloud”
  • “Lock down” Eclipse-based tool stacks with one click
  • Generate full, customized installers for tool stacks
  • Easy usage reporting on tools and open source compliance
  • Manage multiple versions of software simultaneously
  • Manage Eclipse, MyEclipse or both at once
If you're in the Washington DC/Virginia area, come by EclipseCon to say "hi." If you mention this blog post to our on-site marketing team we'll buy you a beer. At one of the receptions. :)

The tools you need for IBM WebSphere®: The all-new MyEclipse Blue Edition

Posted on Mar 20th 2012

MyEclipse Blue 10.1 has smarter RAD migration, Java 7 and improved WebSphere archive support that highlight this product release. Download / Learn more MyEclipse Blue Enterprise Edition for IBM WebSphere® developers is a replacement or an adjunct technology to IBM Rational® tools, but it has the distinction of frequent updates from the Open Source community plus proprietary technology that allows users an easy migration path away from burdensome IBM® tools to a lightweight, powerful solution. Why is MyEclipse Blue replacing RAD in the enterprise? (Feature comparison link between RAD and Blue). Not only does it work with existing RAD projects, but it is a lot less expensive (yet more powerful) and includes technologies such as ICEFaces 3.0, JCA, Java 7, EJB, HTML5, JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0, Eclipselink 2.1 and Apache's OpenJPA 2.0 release on top of the newest Eclipse release. With faster builds and virtually no deployment time to WebSphere® with MyEclipse’s in-workspace deployment feature, developers are more productive and companies are saving millions of dollars on both hard and soft costs by switching to MyEclipse Blue. MyEclipse Blue supports the latest build of WebSphere® Portal Server 7.0, WebSphere® 8, as well as WebSphere® 6.1 and 7. IBM's® popular DB2 series is supported with seamless database integration connectors on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Subscriptions to MyEclipse Blue Editions are available annually for about US $160. MyEclipse Blue Edition – the clear alternative to IBM Rational® - is available at: MyEclipse Blue is free for a trial period. Free trial users and those with current subscriptions receive all upgrades and full support at no additional charge.

MyEclipse 10 Apache Maven Enhanced – Video

Posted on Feb 28th 2012

Got Maven questions? Learn how to use Maven build automation that is especially enhanced for MyEclipse 10 with a EJB and Web focus. Presented by Brian Fernandes, MyEclipse project manager, this 5 minute video aims to give a high-level usage scenario of superior Maven support within the MyEclipse IDE. If you have any questions about Maven usage please visit our support forums, they're staffed with Genuitec employees... go here. Download / Learn More Tip: Expand the video for a better view of the code.

How to Manage Eclipse Behind the Firewall

Posted on Nov 14th 2011

Register for a FREE WEBINAR this Thursday
on managing Eclipse tooling behind your firewall with
Secure Delivery Center.

Managing Eclipse IDEs behind the firewall can be a pain in IT's rear. Why? Well, maybe you want to..
  • Manage IDE update timing more effectively
  • Lock down Eclipse tools
  • Update only from your "private cloud"
  • Run multiple tool versions for different projects
  • Manage multiple IDEs like Eclipse and MyEclipse at once
  • Distribute commercial licenses easily
  • Disallow Internet updates
  • Standardize tools across the company
  • Generate smart installers to take out the guesswork
Some companies do nothing to solve these issues (it's seen as a secondary concern or a problem you "live with"). Others distribute .zip files to try to remove some of the guesswork. Genuitec has a technology that's coming in about two weeks that will remove the guesswork from the process. Manage Eclipse, MyEclipse or IBM Rational tools behind the firewall and get your developers developing again. It's inexpensive (almost free) and can save your company $600,000 per year. Really.

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Happy 10th Birthday Genuitec! New MyEclipse 10.0 is really YourEclipse 10.0

Posted on Nov 3rd 2011

Since we're a company and not a child, we get to wish ourselves a happy birthday. That's the thinking around here. :) Here's a bit of back story (if we may):  Genuitec is 10 years old. But MyEclipse is 8 years old on its 10th version.  Actually, Genuitec is 14 years old, but was named Working Objects until in 2001, when IBM freed Eclipse as OS and we re-branded as Genuitec to focus on Java tooling.  Have we lost you yet? Hope not.  MyEclipse used to be a series of proprietary plugs-ins for IBM tooling and servers until 2003, when we helped found the Eclipse Foundation - the governing body over Eclipse. From there we re-bundled our plug-ins, added some cool features and brought to life the initial, fledgling MyEclipse versions.  That's the short and sweet history of Genuitec and our involvement with IBM and the Eclipse Foundation. Download MyEclipse 10 / Learn more Back to MyEclipse, our labor of love.  It's now on version 10 and it is the best it's ever been - arguably the most flexible  IDE on the market.  Trying to steer away from hyperbole and marketing-speak, let us be frank; MyEclipse is really YourEclipse. Since day one, the charter of Genuitec has been to serve developers no matter what. Our MyEclipse forums are vibrant communities whereby you, the developer, tell us what you want and if there's enough interest for that feature, we'll add it in. Simple as that. Or maybe you're an enterprise, one of the over 16,000 we help, and desperately need MyEclipse to do something better or new. We've got teams just for that, and we'll re-tailor MyEclipse to fit your needs. As developers ourselves and knowing the working world of app development, that's also why you can lock everything down and standardize on one version of MyEclipse for all your development needs. Flexible. That's in our charter too. So with our 10th version of MyEclipse here's what you requested 1. Maven supported inside and out and everything in-between. Maven everywhere. This means MyEclipse 10.0 supports a flexible project structure, allowing developers to easily import and work with pure Maven projects in MyEclipse and deploy them immediately without requiring any changes. Projects can be structured any way a user likes, and of course, standard Maven JEE structures are supported as well. Genuitec plans to aggressively support Maven in all its future builds of MyEclipse. 2. Built on Eclipse Indigo (version 3.7) for faster project builds. 3. Overhaul of MyEclipse In-workspace deployment with cleaner sharing of workspace profiles so a lead developer can better push out his profile to his team, then In-workspace auto grabs that exact software and the correct version numbers so that teams are synchronized. And of course, there's much more to come. We hope you enjoy MyEclipse 10 as much as we enjoyed delivering it. Thanks for your continued support.

What if you could get IBM RAD for $159?

Posted on Sep 28th 2011

"Price matching." We've all seen it. It's where a vendor promises to match the price of an item sold by a competing vendor. Typically, the customer visits the 1st vendor with proof that vendor 2 is selling the item at a lower price. Vendor 1 verifies the cost from vendor 2 on the item and marks it down right there in the store. Simple, right? Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, CVS, Toy R US, Walgreens, Best Buy, Dell, Lenovo and others have all been known to engage in this practice. But why not on our most expensive software items? If you own IBM Rational tools (RAD) have you tried this technique to pay the lowest price? The way the IDE market is headed, we think IBM would be keen to save RAD from being outfoxed by the market competition (MyEclipse and others). So next time you consider buying or renewing IBM RAD or are talking to an IBM sales rep, tell them you'd like RAD priced at $159 - with support included for free - because the market is buying MyEclipse Blue at that price and the tools are feature-to-feature comparable. Tell the sales rep the market shifted and IDEs are no longer multi-thousand dollar software additions. Tell the sales rep MyEclipse Blue was designed for IBM customers using WebSphere (and 35 + other servers) and it contains the same functionality as RAD, but is inexpensive and lighter-weight. Tell the sales rep if can't get RAD at $159, your'e leaving for Blue Edition. Go ahead give it a try. They'll likely come back with some line about how you "get what you pay for." But that is easily turned back on them: ask what you ARE getting for the thousands more they're asking. If they want 10x the price, you need to see 10x the features and value. If you don't like the answer, tell them to take a hike and give MyEclipse Blue a try. Full RAD project support is included, so there's no fear of a "nightmare migration." If after all this you decide to give in and just pay for RAD, well... let's be blunt. You're a poor negotiator. Price matching is commonplace. With MyEclipse Blue and RAD at a practical 1:1 feature comparison, you should demand a lower price point. Or, you can tell your CFO why you didn't. He'd love to hear the reason. Tip: if you'd like to use Spring tools designed specifically for IBM shops and WebSphere development, check out MyEclipse Bling: US $249.

IBM Employees Leaving RAD Behind?

Posted on Sep 15th 2011

IBM® (and specifically Rational) is one of Genuitec's largest competitors. We've never been shy about that, nor do we apologize for putting their tools in the cross-hairs. We manufacture MyEclipse Blue Edition and MyEclipse Bling Edition specifically to service customers who want advanced WebSphere® IDEs at a lower cost (with Bling having the added bonus of the world's most advanced Spring tooling). Usually, the complaints companies have with RAD revolve around performance issues, installation footprint, high cost and complexity in setup and maintenance. Our goal was to solve these issues by creating a lightweight, inexpensive, advanced IDE for WebSphere® developers. Additionally, we recently added the aforementioned Spring tools to serve customers who had Spring coding needs that went beyond what RAD could provide. So, recently we get an email from an IBM® employee who has had it with RAD. Of course, he gets RAD for free internally, but he doesn't care about this. He is hoping to outfit his entire development team with MyEclipse Bling Edition (yes, purchase MyEclipse Bling instead of using RAD for free). His rationale?

MyEclipse Bling makes me very happy...much quicker turnaround with deployment and debugging. RAD doesn't even compare here - it's a waaaay too heavy, slow and overly-complicated IDE.
  - IBM Developer (employee)
And it turns out he's already a fan of some of the features he finds superior:
I already love the MyEclipse JPA Reverse Engineering wizard. Saved me TONS of time.
Thus, vindication of our efforts gives us the warm fuzzies today. End of story, right? This is a one-time incident Genuitec is using to market products. Hardly. IBM® has recently become one of Genuitec's biggest customers in addition to being the biggest competitor. We must say, it's nice to have our products validated by IBM® staff, and that the value is clear. So clear, in fact, that some IBM® developers themselves are looking for a switch from RAD to MyEclipse. Maybe you should take a look too.

ME4S: JSF and Primefaces Code Generation – Part 1,2

Posted on Aug 30th 2011

In this screencast, Niel Eyde from Skyway Software reviews the JSF and Primefaces code generation functions of MyEclipse for Spring (ME4S). He shows you how to use the ME4S code generation wizards in order to generate JSF, Primefaces, and Spring software components and briefly reviews the generated software artifacts. Download the latest version of ME4S at: Pro tip: Expand the videos to "full screen" to see the actual code. Part 1: Part 2:

Generating Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow Apps for WebSphere 6.1

Posted on Aug 24th 2011

In this screencast, Niel Eyde from Skyway Software shows you how to use MyEclipse Bling to generate Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow applications for WebSphere 6.1. Download the latest version of MyEclipse Bling at MyEclipse Bling - WebSphere 6.1 and 7.0 Tips can be found here Tip: When viewing the video it may be easier to see by expanding the view to full screen.

Marketing Experiences in Comics….

Posted on Aug 8th 2011

Our thoughts on IBM Rational as played by bRAD... Try Bling today for Spring integration with IBM WebSphere...