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GapDebug is a comprehensive mobile debugging tool that bridges the gap left by other debugging options. Operating on both the Windows and Mac platforms, GapDebug allows debugging of hybrid mobile apps, such as PhoneGap and Cordova, on modern iOS and Android devices. And, GapDebug is always free for local debugging.

GapDebug + PhoneGap = Seamless App Tuning

Roundtrip mobile debugging powers your development. Perfect those stellar apps with ease using comprehensive app inspecting, debugging, and updating. Change how you view PhoneGap debugging for good.

  • Android & iOS as First-Class Stacks

    Integrated versions of the Safari Webkit Inspector for iOS debugging and Chrome Dev Tools for Android debugging.
  • Full Cross-Platform Support

    Get rich iOS and Android app debugging features on both Windows and Mac.
  • Drag and Drop App Installation

    Easily install application files onto your device using drag-and-drop technology. Connect your device, drag an app to it, and let the debugging begin!
  • Instant Debugging

    If an app closes during a debug session, return to your previous Inspector automatically when the app is restarted.
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