GapDebug Features

Something new has come to PhoneGap development. Change how you do mobile app debugging!

See it in action!

Connect Your Device and Start Debugging

Begin mobile app debugging by just plugging your device into your workstation via USB. Simply select an app found on your connected device to begin a debug session.

Install Apps with Easy

After building an app for either iOS or Android, use GapDebug to quickly install the app onto your device. Simply connect the device via USB, and drag the file to the device listed in GapDebug. Let the debugging begin!

Get a Complete Debugging Experience

Choosing an app to debug launches a session in a WebKit Inspector instance (iOS) or USB Debugging Instance (Android). Use a full range of mobile app debugging tools including JavaScript breakpoints, console access, and storage exploration.

No Need to Build in Debugging Support

Any PhoneGap application is available for debugging. You aren’t required to build debugging-specific code into your app. Not only can you debug mobile apps, you can also debug web pages and web apps running on iOS Safari and Android Chrome browsers.

Get Instant Debugging on App Restart

GapDebug detects an app termination and restart, such as during an app update, and automatically reconnects the app with the previous debug session. Quickly get back to debugging when the app closes on your device.