Navigation and Research Aids

The Webclipse suite includes multiple power-ups that make it easier to navigate your Eclipse projects. The Minimap, Breadcrumb Navigation and Project Explorer+ provide quick access to files and source code. DevSearch makes it simple to find the answers you are looking for without leaving your IDE. Our enhanced navigation and research aids are sure to improve developer productivity. These power-ups are also available in MyEclipse and Angular IDE.

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Minimap View

Use the Minimap view as an easy way to quickly jump to a specific section of code.  A condensed version of the code displays in the view. As you scroll through the minimap, the corresponding code displays in the editor.

Show the Minimap view—Select Window>Show View>Other and select Minimap from the Webclipse folder. 

Breadcrumb toolbar

Breadcrumb Navigation

The Breadcrumb toolbar allows you to quickly navigate through your workspace and open files for editing. The crumb trail that led to the file displayed in the Source Editor displays in the Breadcrumb toolbar. Click on any crumb in the trail to navigate to a different resource in your project. For example, if you are editing a Java class, it’s very easy to open other classes or packages within the project. Or, for web projects, quickly jump between the various folders and html files in the project.  

Showing the Breadcrumb toolbar—Select breadcrumbicon from the main toolbar. This button toggles the toolbar to show or hide.

Hiding the Breadcrumb toolbar—Select breadcrumbicon from the main toolbar or right-click from the Breadcrumb toolbar and select Hide Breadcrumb.

Project Explorer+

The Project Explorer+ provides an easy way to quickly locate files and resources. Use this view as an alternative to the Project Explorer view to take advantage of advanced search capabilities. Type filter text and specify whether the search is a regular expression, a filename, file content, and if the search text is case sensitive.

The filter drop-down retains your search history and remembers your filter tool settings for previous searches.

Show the Project Explorer+—Select Window>Show View>Other and select Project Explorer+ from the Webclipse folder. 


Project Explorer+


DevSearch allows you to quickly search commonly used developer resources (Local Eclipse Help, StackOverflow, and GitHub) and display a list of matching results. More results are added as you scroll through the list. If the desired answer does not appear, click Google this! to search for answers from additional sources.

To show the DevSearch view—In Webclipse, select Windows>Show View>Other… >Webclipse>DevSearch. Or, in MyEclipse, select Windows>Show View>Other… >Other>DevSearch.

To search from the DevSearch view—Type a search term in the Search field and click Search.

To perform a context search—Right-click and select Open in DevSearch in the following views:

  • Editor—Select text first, and then right-click.
  • Error Log—Right-click from an error; searches for first line in the stack trace.
  • Problems—Right-click from a problem; searches for content in Description field.
  • Terminal—Select text first, and then right-click.
  • Console—Select text first, and then right-click.
  • Task—Right-click from a task.