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CodeMix brings it all to the party!  

As an Eclipse developer, you no longer have to feel like you’ve been excluded from all the fun your friends are having with Visual Studio Code. CodeMix is an Eclipse plugin that gives you access to the power of Visual Studio Code and the vibrant Code extension community, directly from Eclipse. You’ll enjoy all the enterprise tooling you depend on, like Java and Spring, plus access to all those cool web languages and exciting new technologies you’ve been wanting to try.

It’s the best of both worlds! Coding without limits. Keep coding those awesome enterprise apps, and throw in impressive new stuff—with amazing extensions for languages like Python, PHP, and TypeScript, as well as frameworks like Vue, React and Angular. Or, why not dockerize your app? The possibilities are endless!

CodeMix is compatible with Eclipse-based IDEs and tools—like MyEclipse, Spring Tools Suite, Webclipse and JBoss Tools—so you can continue working in the environment you are accustomed to.

Eclipse Oxygen + CodeMix + DevStyle Darkest Dark theme

Intelligent Code Completion and More

CodeMix includes IntelliSense for a number of languages such as PHP, TypeScript, and JavaScript; as well as markup like HTML and CSS. Suggestions are displayed as you type, based on language semantics and an analysis of your code. In addition to code completion, IntelliSense will also display the method signature, parameter info, and documentation when available.

You can experience this same first-class level of IntelliSense for a variety of other languages—like Python, Go, or even Rust—by installing the corresponding language extension.

IntelliSense is just one way CodeMix helps to greatly reduce the time you spend typing. You’ll also gain productivity with snippets, and Emmet for advanced code expansion.

Powerful Debugging

As an Eclipse user, you’ve come to expect a powerful debugger. With CodeMix, you get the same robust debugging experience for a plethora of languages and frameworks, many of which Eclipse does not support.

Simply install the corresponding debugging extension and you’re ready to add breakpoints and locate errors in your code.

Eclipse Oxygen + CodeMix + Debugger for Chrome extension + Python extension

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