Genuitec's Blog: June, 2016

Microservices: A Developer’s Perspective

Posted on Jun 7th 2016
Microservices: A “new” conceptIn the last couple of years, we have been hearing a lot about microservices. There is already a lot of valuable (and also not so much) content regarding defining the term and the general concept behind it. The definition is not always enough to fully … Read More

What do Programmers Hate Most?

Posted on Jun 3rd 2016
I love my job as a programmer, but like most jobs, it can have a downside. Sometimes I really dread having to tell someone what I do for a living. The story I am about to tell you is 100% true.When driving home one night, I was stopped … Read More

Let Them Storm the Beaches

Posted on Jun 2nd 2016
Getting old really sucks. Running is my stress relief. It is also my feeble and losing battle with time. My 45 min running route gives me a 2 mile reprieve onto the soft sand along the beach. With summertime upon us, kids dart in and out of the … Read More
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