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Using Custom Actions in Sapphire

Posted on May 30th 2016
In previous articles, I’ve discussed how to create custom XML bindings and custom editing UI for an editor based on the great Eclipse Sapphire framework. Now let’s take a look at another aspect of editor UI creation, customizing standard actions like Add or Browse, or creating completely custom … Read More

Exploring TypeScript Support in Eclipse

Posted on Nov 24th 2015
Update: Since this article was initially published, Genuitec has added advanced TypeScript support to their free Eclipse plugin, Webclipse. Give it a try!TypeScript is an open source superset of JavaScript that adds class based objects that compile to JavaScript plain code. Currently there are two main options to support TypeScript … Read More

Creating Custom Editors in Sapphire

Posted on Oct 27th 2015
In a previous article we discussed how to create custom bindings for xml editing with Eclipse Sapphire. Custom bindings are a rather powerful way of xml editing customization, but sometimes we need to customize editing on the UI side. In this case we need to use custom editors. … Read More

Creating Custom Slack Commands with JAX-RS

Posted on Oct 6th 2015
Many teams, including ours, now use Slack for team collaboration. With Slack, you can communicate with other team members in an organized public chat room (called a channel), a private group, or send a direct message. The ability to archive these messages, and then search for specific conversations … Read More
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