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Using Example Projects to Customize SDC

Posted on Oct 15th 2015
Are you an SDC user who is ready to push the boundaries and provide more value to fill your team’s specific needs?  Don’t know how to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered!We released a package that includes example projects to help you customize SDC. Download the package … Read More

Delivering Zend Studio

Posted on Sep 24th 2015
Zend Studio is a popular integration of Eclipse for PHP development. Although it has some specific Eclipse requirements, you can deliver it with Secure Delivery Center. In the following example, we use an Eclipse 4.4.2 Standard package and then mark it as RCP. Let’s get started!Deliver Zend Studio … Read More

SDC Twitter Chat – Sep 22nd Recap

Posted on Sep 23rd 2015
Update: Development of GapDebug has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information. Here is the Twitter chat recap in case you missed it!Q1.Does SDC can deliver #Eclipse based third party IDE? A1. Yes with SDC you can deliver to your developers software like #springio’s … Read More

Ladies and Gentlemen SDC 2015 SR2 is here

Posted on Jul 7th 2015
Last week we cheerfully joined the release of Eclipse 4.5. Eclipse Mars was without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases by many, us included. Well, we are happy to announce SDC has now come on board. We realize how important this release can be for a programmer, … Read More

Eclipse 4.5-We have made it to MARS, now what?

Posted on Jun 24th 2015
The day is here. This June 24th. 2015 marks an important part of the history of Eclipse and of course we wanted to be part of it. Many of you have been waiting for this release and we can’t blame you, after all Eclipse Mars comes with awesome … Read More
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