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We’ve Got You Covered!

Posted on Apr 5th 2013
At Genuitec, we are committed to providing you with the best possible products. Part of this commitment means that the services we provide for these products, must also be above reproach. While Genuitec has always strived to meet this commitment to support, it’s always been an area where … Read More

MyEclipse 2013! Now Available!

Posted on Apr 4th 2013
We are ecstatic to announce that MyEclipse 2013 is now available for download! Click here to view the full Release Notes. After much anticipation, we are happy to report that not only does MyEclipse 2013 possess a bevy of tooling updates, but also showcases some incredible Mobile Tools! The … Read More

With some Spring in our Step…

Posted on Apr 1st 2013
Thank you so much to all of you who stopped by the Genuitec booth at EclipseCon! We had a blast meeting you and appreciate all the excellent feedback you gave on the new MyEclipse 2013 with Mobile Tools and Secure Deliver Center (SDC). We are thoroughly invigorated after spending time … Read More

We’re at EclipseCon, Where are You?

Posted on Mar 25th 2013
EclipseCon kicks off today and we’re ecstatic to be apart of this conference once again! Today, we’ll be unveiling the new look and capabilities of MyEclipse 2013 which is scheduled for release next week, April 1st! Beginning April 1st, you can download MyEclipse 2013 here. MyEclipse 2013 will delight Eclipse … Read More

Secure Delivery Center Garners High Praise

Posted on Mar 5th 2013
When a company releases a product, it’s a very vulnerable time. On one hand, you are filled with excitement and anticipation of the many options this new product has, the new technology embedded within. However, on the other hand, you find pure fear. What if the product is … Read More

Perfection is Not a Valid Goal

Posted on Mar 1st 2013
Many years ago I thought of source code as some sort of art form. I actually had a belief that it could be “perfect”, to a level, and that pursuit of this goal of perfection was somehow important. It was something akin to believing that software developers were artists that … Read More
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