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Keeping Things in Perspective: 5 Tips in Surviving the Technology Industry

Posted on Jul 23rd 2013
A friend once told me, “The goal of every company is to survive long enough to get lucky”.  I remember getting a hardy chuckle at how profound and funny it was.  But starting Genuitec in the wake of the dot.com economy and post 9/11, the saying took on … Read More

See our Slick New One-Click Migration for WAS Developers

Posted on Jun 27th 2013
Let’s be honest – Migrating from IBM Rational to MyEclipse Blue has always been a pain in the rear! While many of you have been happy to take the time needed to go through our Migration Wizard, it’s still been a longer process  than you’d prefer. This blow … Read More

Watch CERN’s Talk from EclipseCon France

Posted on Jun 7th 2013
CERN’s chat at EclipseCon France has garnered major interest from fellow Eclipse users. We’re stoked to have a copy of their session from the conference, where CERN shares how they are managing the delivery of Eclipse throughout their organization. You can view the recorded session below to mull over it … Read More

Adobe joins Genuitec in moving to a Subscription Model!

Posted on May 7th 2013
Today, Adobe broke the news that it  will discontinue and replace their traditional software version of Creative Suite with the cloud-based version released last year, Creative Cloud. According to Adobe, Creative Cloud has quickly become the preferred version with its customers, allowing them a sense of flexibility with … Read More

MyEclipse 2013: Redesigned to Declutter Your Experience

Posted on Apr 10th 2013
Spring Cleaning is such a pain in the rear! It’s a timely, incredibly involved process where you discover you have things you never knew you had and things you’re embarrassed to admit that you STILL have! But inevitably it always ends with a sense of complete and utter … Read More

We’ve Got You Covered!

Posted on Apr 5th 2013
At Genuitec, we are committed to providing you with the best possible products. Part of this commitment means that the services we provide for these products, must also be above reproach. While Genuitec has always strived to meet this commitment to support, it’s always been an area where … Read More
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