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More Skills that Get You Noticed with MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Jan 10th 2014

CyberCoders, a leading recruiting firm, has released their list of the 10 Most In-Demand Software Development skills for 2014. The list is compiled from analyzing thousands of tech firm hiring requirements and from consultations with tech recruiters to determine the top skills most sought out.

The list has been made available to you below and we are happy to report that MyEclipse 2014 offers developers the ability to utilize 7 of the 10 skills listed!  We’ve added a star (*) to each of the offerings that MyEclipse 2014 provides tooling and support for.

10 Most In-Demand Software Development Skills for 2014

1. Java / Javascript*

2. C# / ASP.NET
3. C++*
4. Python*
5. PHP*
6. SQL / MySQL*
7. HTML5 / CSS3*
8. Ruby on Rails
9. Hadoop
10. iOS / Android*


We’re excited to see to that MyEclipse has once again stayed on top of the most in-demand skills for developers and pleased to offer our developers a natural path for cross-platform development.

If you’re using a tool that’s not giving you access to these top skills, click the button below to download a free 30-day trial of MyEclipse 2014 and instantly start positioning yourself as a lead technology developer! Our software will empower you today, with the skills you need for the future.

Add REST WEB APIs with Just One-Click

Posted on Jan 7th 2014

Faster, faster.
For 2014, we’re focusing on giving Eclipse Java developers what they need most – time. We get it, you’re busier than ever before and you’re developing for more devices. It can mean a lot of work duplication, a lot of editing and quite frankly a lot of banging your head against the wall. No more, not if you use MyEclipse 2014.

ME2014_REST_APITry MyEclipse 2014 to get instant REST service capabilities using intuitive wizards to add and edit REST methods, test REST services with our REST explorer, as well as instantly expose REST patterns in Cloud APIs for easier consumption.





Get RESTful with One-Click.
MyEclipse 2014 gives you more automation to speed up the development process, cutting down on wasted time spent investigating and coding by hand. Now with the click of a button, you can instantly expose REST patterns in Cloud APIs for additional development and/or integration. Our market-leading wizards will empower you to expose existing JPA entities as REST facades with a simple click.

oneclick_restfulFrom there, you can use our market-leading wizards to take your development to the next stage. Use our new JEE 7 platform to create enterprise application for the cloud, web, mobile and desktop with ease.

Go Social or Go Home.

socialnetworkingLet’s face it. The average person spends a vast majority of their time on phones, computers and tablets to grab the data they need. Thus, if you’re not developing apps accessible on these channels, you’ve missed your market and pretty much every relevant market on planet earth. MyEclipse 2014 smart wizards makes it easy to quickly adopt REST Web Services into your mobile developments, and of course your web and desktop developments too!

Looking Ahead.
You can expect future releases to have a continued focus on Cloud APIs with the addition of an improved REST explorer and tester, as well as flexible client generation capabilities including the ability to fold in consumed Cloud APIs from social channels like Google+, Facebook and Twitter to allow you to connect with your markets where they access data the most. Stay tuned to our blog or follow us on Twitter (@MyEclipseIDE) for current happenings.

Simplicity at its Best.mejava1
Developing shouldn’t have to be hard. Adding the tools and features to your projects shouldn’t have to be a scavenger hunt. That’s why we’ve built MyEclipse 2014 on the Eclipse Kepler 4.3.1 platform and given you a more intuitive experience with a more usable UI. Now you can easily access the tools, application servers and wizards you need with a single click, enabling you to go from the cloud to your device and back to the cloud again.

Try it for FREE.
You can test out all the new awesomeness that is MyEclipse 2014 for free. For 30 days, you can dabble, play, and develop at no cost. We’re confident that’s enough time to win you over. After all, not one of our competitors offers you the ability to access over 50 application servers, including IBM WebSphere servers and the more lightweight IBM Liberty Profile.

To learn more about how we can help you on an individual, group, or enterprise level, please take a few moments to setup a demo or review our full product suite. Genuitec follows a “cloud-first” strategy and has out-of-the-box solutions available for delivery and management to help you (and your team) keep the focus squarely on development.

Want to learn more about us? Check out this helpful links.
- Get to Know Genuitec (Video)
- Moving Eclipse To the Cloud (Video)
- What Kind of Support Is Available?
- Discover Instant Delivery & Management for Eclipse (Video)
- New Java EE 7 Support (Blog)

Re-think Cloud and Mobile with MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Jan 3rd 2014

Yesterday Wired magazine published a guest piece on the demise of legacy applications and the importance of “rethinking existing business process systems for the new opportunities and constraints of cloud.” After outlining some common rationalizations on why CIOs stray from the move over to cloud development, writer Michael Beckley points out one critical fact – “designing for cloud and mobile first is not more expensive or difficult.”

We agree, 110%! Designing for the cloud or for mobile devices doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be a simple and efficient process with the help of MyEclipse 2014, your modern application development platform “with integral cloud and mobile baked-in” and ready for consumption.

Captura de pantalla 2013-12-19 a la(s) 13.50.27

Designed for a cloud-first strategy, MyEclipse 2014 lets you easily adapt legacy applications for the cloud and for cross-platform devices. With a unique blend of mobile tools, Java EE 7 technologies, and of course, Genuitec’s amazing blend of server connectors and in-house tooling, you can “avoid the legacy trap” and easily “treat cloud and mobile as integral to an application design.” Simply put, MyEclipse 2014 helps you move your legacy applications to the cloud for instant consumption by your team and for your customers, and allows you to future-proof your “software and solutions investments against the future demands and needs of the business.” And the best part, we can get you mobilized for the cloud for as little as $32 per user per year!

Yes, traditional legacy applications are a fading practice, but that truth doesn’t have to be bitter. Let MyEclipse 2014 help you make the would-be frustrating process a bit sweeter and help your team adopt the cloud-first strategy that is quickly becoming a standard for enterprises that are delivering “remarkable success.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how MyEclipse 2014 can mobilize your team and help you move your legacy apps to the cloud, click the button below to schedule a demo.

Java EE 7 in MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Dec 12th 2013

Java EE 7 For MyEclipse 2014.javaee7_1

MyEclipse is known for wrapping up all the goodness of open-source, popular Eclipse technologies, and adding our own “secret-sauce” to help take your development further. For 2014, you should expect no less as we’ve taken our normal bar and raised it with Java EE 7.

MyEclipse 2014 was specifically designed to coincide with the richer functionality of Java EE 7, while bringing higher productivity and a deeper integration of HTML5 into your development.

Project Wizards Built For Java EE 7.

The Java EE 7 platform offers new namespaces, elements and attributes to help ease the amount of code written by you, the developer. Use the project wizards to incorporate the new offerings and quickly create applications for desktop, mobile, web and cloud based on Java EE 7. The mobile tools offered in MyEclipse 2014 help you push productivity further than before, write HTML5 apps which work on the mobile platform of your choice – Android or iOS and yes, we support iOS 7 too!

Updated Libraries.

Our libraries have been expanded to give you full access to the the new Java EE 7 API catalog; with in-built support for JAX-RS(REST) 2.0, JPA 2.1, JSF 2.2, you can extend your existing applications or create new applications right off the bat. New features abound, for instance, with MyEclipse 2014, you can now generate REST facades from JPA entities with the click of a button.

Java EE 7 Server Support.

wildflyYou can also immediately deploy your Java EE 7 applications to servers that already support this platform, like Tomcat 8, Glassfish 4, and Wildfly 8.




Watch this video for a quick peek at MyEclipse 2014:

MyEclipse 2014 is the preferred Java IDE of today’s developer and is sure to help you get ahead of the curve to quickly adopt what will easily become an industry standard with instant support for Java EE 7.

If you haven’t updated to the new workbench, you can download it here. All current MyEclipse subscribers can update to the MyEclipse 2014 workbench at no cost and those of you whom are simply curious about all this “supposed” goodness, can download the workbench and instantly take advantage of a free 30-day trial.

About Genuitec.

To learn more about how we can help you on an individual, group, or enterprise level, please take a few moments to setup a demo or review our full product suite. Genuitec follows a “cloud-first” strategy and has out-of-the-box solutions available for delivery and management to help you (and your team) keep the focus squarely on development.

Want to learn more about us? Check out this helpful links.
- Get to Know Genuitec (Video)
- Moving Eclipse To the Cloud (Video)
- What Kind of Support Is Available?
- Discover Instant Delivery & Management for Eclipse (Video)

MyEclipse Java EE 7


Now Available: MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Dec 3rd 2013

cmas_me_2014Now, we know that it’s not quite Christmas yet, but sometimes there’s a present nestled under the tree that’s just too awesome to hold on to.

Introducing MyEclipse 2014, Your IDE for Java, Java EE 7 and Mobile development.

MyEclipse 2014 is now available for all MyEclipse builds and includes some tinsel-tossing worthy updates like enhanced REST Web Services, updated mobile tools, and even some new connectors. We’ve even made some enhancements based on MyEclipse user requests, like a bundle for JDK 1.7 support and color themes, to name a couple.

Now you can take your Mobile development to more fantastic avenues with a more simplistic reverse engineering experience. With the combined power of MyEclipse Mobile Tools, enhanced REST Web Services help you mobilize apps quicker than ever before.

For our WebSphere customers, we’ve added the goodness of the IBM Liberty Profile 8.5 connector, with with three new WebSphere editors, making it even easier to provision the features required by WAS applications.

For those of you wanting to add some personalization into your MyEclipse environment, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve added new color themes to our repertoire. Now you can change up your view to be just about any color of the rainbow!

MyEclipse 2014, built on the latest Eclipse Kepler (version 4.3.1), is available as a free 30-day trial or as free workbench upgrade for current subscribers. You can grab your free trial at the link below, or if you need to learn more about what MyEclipse can do for you at the Enterprise level, click the Demo button to schedule an insider look.

Silver Sponsor EclipseCon North America 2014

Posted on Nov 27th 2013


We’ve mapped out 2014 and it’s going to be an exciting year for us at Genuitec. With that, we just finished up the paperwork and are now Silver Sponsors for EclipseCon North America 2014 in San Francisco. Woohoo!

Last month in Germany we shared the stage with CERN (videos at the link), next year we’re hoping our proposal with Boeing will be accepted to discuss “Frictionless Engineering

(Are you seeing a trend? The most important organizations in the world rely on our technologies to power their businesses as compared to IBM and Oracle offerings – click the button below to schedule a demo on software delivery, mobile, cloud, or integrated developer environments)

Bummer! You missed the Cloud Connect Webinar?

Posted on Nov 7th 2013

Wow, we’re really sorry that you had to miss the Cloud Connect webinar today. But I have some good news.

The Good News – We recorded the session just for you! You’ll still have an opportunity to benefit from the awesome demo we put together, showing you all the really cool things that Cloud Connect is capable of – like giving you instant team synchronization (oh yeah, Cloud Connect is free).

Watch it here:

This is a magical Whovian button that can send you into orbit in your very own Doctor Who TARDIS. (If you’re not a Whovian, or even know what that is, you can opt to win a $300 Amazon gift card)

Flying sharks and drone giveaways

Posted on Oct 31st 2013

That’s how we roll. If it flies and has APIs we can play with then we’re all over it at Genuitec.

Flying Shark!!!

We’ll have a more formal write up of the EclipseCon Europe 2013 event next week. In short though and as always, it was a productive conference for Genuitec and thanks again to the Eclipse Foundation.

Here’s us giving away an AR Parrot Drone 3.0 – as readers can tell, it was a highly sought after prize.

EclipseCon Europe 2013

EclipseCon Europe 2013

WEBINAR – November 7th – Free Kicking Eclipse to the Cloud

Posted on Oct 29th 2013

We’re introducing our *free* Cloud Connect technology with seamless backup and Webinar Cloud Connectsharing of Eclipse Java IDEs from the cloud with an informative, and FREE webinar.
Join us November 7th at 12 PM EST (16:00 GMT) for this free webinar, where you can learn about our simple cloud process for downloading Eclipse IDEs, all the plugins, and configurations and sharing with teammates in a cloud environment. Cloud Connect provides a fast, intuitive avenue for Eclipse Java developers to push Eclipse Java packaging to the cloud for optimal team synchronization and organization. No need to download Eclipse; instead kick it to Genuitec’s cloud!

Sign up today to attend this awesome webinar!

Can’t make the webinar? We’ll be recording the session and making it available for consumption after the webinar. Use the button below to sign up to receive notification when the recorded webinar is available.

EclipseCon Europe 2013, we’re ready for you…

Posted on Oct 29th 2013

On the floor at EclipseCon Europe 2013 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, for the second year in a row and so far we’ve met a number of folks interested in our Eclipse software delivery solution- Secure Delivery Center. Whether interested in private or public clouds to manage and deliver software to millions of users, we’re finding the largest enterprises in the world *need help* in this department as a considerable cost saving measure. Download Eclipse, set up the Eclipse Java or MyEclipse IDE, and ship off your wares internally for development or to customers as a finished (it’s never finished) product.

So if you’re onsite come visit us to learn about what we’ve been doing for the past decade – also you can win cool drone with APIs that can be legally hacked with a bit of Java know-how (we’ll let you search the web to learn what hacks folks are doing with it).

Eclipse Java, Eclipse Delivery, Download Eclipse

Blue balls and drones – who doesn’t want to hang out with Genuitec.

Here’s where you can find us at EclipseCon Europe 2013 – we like to share knowledge too.


If you’ve seen and heard enough from us and are ready to see why our solution is favored over IBM and others software delivery solutions – set up a demo today (There’s a button on the bottom of this page, just look down).