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MyEclipse 2014 Makes Advancements in Mobile

Posted on Feb 13th 2014
Great news, mobile developers! The Mobile Tools in MyEclipse 2014 now let you take your mobile apps even further into enterprise development. On top of the rapid prototyping capabilities already available in MyEclipse, now you can utilize our Mobile Tools to develop cross-platform hybrid apps from the design … Read More

Add Mobility to Your Spring and WebSphere Projects

Posted on Sep 17th 2013
We’re proud to (finally) introduce the inclusion of Mobile Tools into our Spring and Bling Workbenches, allowing enterprise Java developers access to HTML5 and PhoneGap/Cordova tools for their legacy and new apps. New MyEclipse 2013 for Spring and Bling takes your enterprise apps to the next level. Grab … Read More

Viva Las Vegas!

Posted on May 6th 2013
We are back in the office after spending a hectic week in Las Vegas for IBM’s Impact 2013 conference. We are simply exhausted from the long days on the conference floor, and yet incredibly energized over the new contacts we made during Impact! It is certainly a sight … Read More

HTML5 Fears? MyEclipse 2013 turns your Woes into Wows!

Posted on Mar 20th 2013
With so many tools available and so much confusion as to which of these technologies and frameworks will stand the test of time, it’s extremely difficult for end-users to decipher which tools to use today to ensure their apps have a place in future markets. Even here at … Read More

Go Mobile with the New MyEclipse 2013!

Posted on Mar 14th 2013
Did you hear that? Zipppp…That’s the sound of the cat being let out of the bag! The forthcoming MyEclipse 2013 will boast the ability to send your projects, new and legacy, to not only your desktop but mobile devices as well, empowering enterprise Java developers to go-mobile without learning … Read More

Meanwhile in London, chatting about virtual offices

Posted on Feb 6th 2013
Our Secure Delivery Center architect, Tim Webb, just returned from a speaking engagement in London at the Monki Gras event. He talked to virtualization and what it means to work in a company (Genuitec) that operates entirely virtual. We’ve been doing this since 1997 and maintain global sales … Read More
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