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#GameofThrones Characters Fav Our Raffle

Posted on Feb 26th 2014
I was spending some time this afternoon in our Twitter account, just checking out how our raffling was doing and stumbled across some pretty freaking awesome support – it seems that we’re getting some love via “Favorited” tweets from characters in Games of Thrones. Take a look: We’re … Read More

#GeekLove Winners & Raffle News

Posted on Feb 14th 2014
Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone. We sure hope your day is off to a sweet start, but for two lucky winners today is about to get even sweeter! I’m happy to report that we received over 30K entries in our #GeekLove raffle. Thanks once again for making our raffle … Read More

Don’t Have an Xbox One or PS4 yet? Want one?

Posted on Dec 2nd 2013
Both the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 consoles have now released, BUT getting your hands on one is proving to be extremely difficult. In fact, there are already reports surfacing that many pre-orders won’t even be filled until early 2014! That’s a long time to have … Read More
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