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More Skills that Get You Noticed with MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Jan 10th 2014
CyberCoders, a leading recruiting firm, has released their list of the 10 Most In-Demand Software Development skills for 2014. The list is compiled from analyzing thousands of tech firm hiring requirements and from consultations with tech recruiters to determine the top skills most sought out. The list has … Read More

Add REST WEB APIs with Just One-Click

Posted on Jan 7th 2014
Faster, faster. For 2014, we’re focusing on giving Eclipse Java developers what they need most – time. We get it, you’re busier than ever before and you’re developing for more devices. It can mean a lot of work duplication, a lot of editing and quite frankly a lot … Read More

Re-think Cloud and Mobile with MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Jan 3rd 2014
Yesterday Wired magazine published a guest piece on the demise of legacy applications and the importance of “rethinking existing business process systems for the new opportunities and constraints of cloud.” After outlining some common rationalizations on why CIOs stray from the move over to cloud development, writer Michael … Read More

Java EE 7 in MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Dec 12th 2013
Java EE 7 For MyEclipse 2014. MyEclipse is known for wrapping up all the goodness of open-source, popular Eclipse technologies, and adding our own “secret-sauce” to help take your development further. For 2014, you should expect no less as we’ve taken our normal bar and raised it with … Read More

Now Available: MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Dec 3rd 2013
Now, we know that it’s not quite Christmas yet, but sometimes there’s a present nestled under the tree that’s just too awesome to hold on to. Introducing MyEclipse 2014, Your IDE for Java, Java EE 7 and Mobile development. MyEclipse 2014 is now available for all MyEclipse builds and … Read More

MyEclipse Bling: Your Sonic Screwdriver

Posted on Oct 22nd 2013
You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that we’re doing a huge promotion in honor of the upcoming Day of the Doctor, wherein we’re giving away a Doctor Who Tardis. In fact, you can click here to enter to win: One of the coolest gadgets … Read More
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