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No Love? Open Source and the Enterprise, a Rocky Relationship

Posted on Feb 14th 2012
So, our support staff has recently fielded customer concerns regarding the use of Eclipse Open Source plugins. Some of the concerns are surprising, but the rest are more annoying than anything else. Here’s what we learned: * Eclipse.org removed support from its sites for last year’s Eclipse; enterprises … Read More

Deliver Popular, Certified Eclipse Plugins Inside the Firewall

Posted on Jan 31st 2012
Our Secure Delivery Center now includes popular Eclipse plugins in a certified, vetted format that are integrity tested and intended for use within the enterprise. Companies can now offer these certified Eclipse packs internally and know that the code bases have not been tampered with. Rather than setting … Read More

Happy 10th Birthday Genuitec! New MyEclipse 10.0 is really YourEclipse 10.0

Posted on Nov 3rd 2011
Since we’re a company and not a child, we get to wish ourselves a happy birthday. That’s the thinking around here. 🙂 Here’s a bit of back story (if we may):  Genuitec is 10 years old. But MyEclipse is 8 years old on its 10th version.  Actually, Genuitec … Read More

Go Bloat Yourself (With RAD)

Posted on Oct 18th 2011
We love IBM®. It’s the 800 lb gorilla in the Java market, and one of the key drivers behind Apache, Eclipse and enterprise innovation. They have the power and clout to create lasting, evolving marketplaces. Thumbs up. But, we have a serious bone to pick with a company that … Read More

IBM Employees Leaving RAD Behind?

Posted on Sep 15th 2011
IBM® (and specifically Rational) is one of Genuitec’s largest competitors. We’ve never been shy about that, nor do we apologize for putting their tools in the cross-hairs. We manufacture MyEclipse Blue Edition and MyEclipse Bling Edition specifically to service customers who want advanced WebSphere® IDEs at a lower … Read More

MyEclipse 9.1 for WebSphere®: Lose your Job for Choosing Anything Else

Posted on Jul 7th 2011
The title says it all really. With the options available in MyEclipse compared to the high costs, weight, and vendor lock-in of IBM Rational® tools – you could lose your job investing in these overly expensive IBM® legacy solutions. But you do have options in MyEclipse, and today … Read More

Code Generation and the Developer Workflow

Posted on Jun 14th 2011
Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a MyEclipse for Spring (ME4S) customer regarding the integration of code generation tools into the software development process.  The IT Director highlighted for me how ME4S fits into their development workflow, sharing several diagrams that he uses to illustrate the software … Read More

Software Component Generation – The Value Proposition is Simple

Posted on Jun 6th 2011
MyEclipse for Spring 9.0 (ME4S) was released almost two months ago, and the feedback has been excellent. We’re happy to see so many developers and corporate IT shops share our belief that MyEclipse for Spring is the best IDE for Spring development. Frankly, there just isn’t any other … Read More

Tailoring Code Generation: An Example using Application Logging

Posted on Oct 20th 2010
If you haven’t already heard, the latest release of MyEclipse for Spring includes a new code generation customization feature that makes it easy to customize the templates that are used for code generation.  We’ve published a tutorial that walks you through the entire process of using the new feature, and … Read More

Adopt MyEclipse Blue Edition, Pay Off Your House?

Posted on Sep 22nd 2010
Genuitec is currently working with a household-named company to seamlessly migrate 1000 of their RAD (IBM Rational Application Developer) developers to MyEclipse Blue Edition. With the current price of RAD’s “Authorized User” licenses, even including a steep 30 percent discount, MyEclipse Blue Edition will save this company a … Read More
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